Survey! 2nd Years, what should our New Year’s resolution be?

Our Year Two students at the University of Lincoln have you had your say via the Level 2 Student Survey?  We’d love to hear your comments by 16th January 2015. There’s a £300 prize fund for the School which has the highest percentage of undergraduates completing the survey. So here’s a reminder from the Student Engagement Section at EDEU (Educational Development & Enhancement Unit): 

L2-OnlineSurvey-deadline16.01.2015The survey is run online. Every student who is eligible to complete the survey should have received an email to their university account with a link to the survey. Or Level two students can go directly to the link and log in with their usual university username and password.

The survey asks second year undergraduate students to reflect on the quality of teaching and support so that we can use the feedback to improve these things at course, school and university levels. Thank you.

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