Neil Baker

From Chris Hainstock:

“What Does Otto See?” Directed by Neil Baker (Electric Egg) has won Best UK Animated Short at the Cornwall International Film Festival.

Otto, a decrepit busking hobo, bashes out a jaunty tune on his toy piano to amuse passers by and hopefully earn him the odd coin. But on a pavement full of street maestros why would anyone spare a penny for old Otto?

What Does Otto See? TRAILER from Electric Egg on Vimeo.

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Dani Moseley: Update July 2011

Well I’m here let you know about another theatre opportunity where you will get to see me play the character of ‘Anna’ in the play ‘1963: They had a dream’ at The Tabernacle Theatre in Ladbroke Grove on July 20th at 19:30.

Supporting Documentary:

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LSM Productions release International film

LSM Productions, the new production arm of the School, has just released the first in a series of promotional films for the University International Office.

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Conference: Rethinking Epic

Epic film Conference300

Epic Film and Television in the 21st Century
EMMTEC, The University of Lincoln, 21-22 July 2011

Received wisdom suggests that we are witnessing—and to some extent participating—in the return of the epic on both the big and small screen.

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Dani Moseley – sneak peep

Click on the photo to see Dani in Runaway – Martina Cole’s new crime series on Sky. (Sorry about the ads). Dani is in episode 2 – “Cathy Fights Back,” repeated this Wednesday at 11 p.m.

Dani’s latest news

Urban Apaches ride back into town

From Chris Hainstock:

Author Giles Kristian visited the School of Media last Monday to see a short film made by graduates Philip Stevens, Jake Tomlinson, Stewart MacGregor and the rest of Urban Apache (their production Co. set up after leaving Lincoln.)

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Sleaford Community Cinema News

Sleaford Cinema on FaceBook

We have a very special evening planned for our 1st birthday…

We are screening ‘FREEBIRD‘ (15) at 7:30, which will be followed by an open Question & Answer session with the Writer/Director of the film, Jon Ivey!

Uploaded by azmovies. – Check out other Film & TV videos.

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Michael Henry’s new film

Michael (class of 2009) has released a trailer for his new film RESTLESS DUST. “Attempting to pick up the pieces after a car accident, a lonesome film restorer connects with a woman from his building. Struggling to deal with her over-possessive husband, their lives become increasingly entangled; and as her husband’s jealousy builds, so too does the threat of violence.”

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Pre Viz jobs – in LA!

Apply now!

From Per Holmes, Hollywood Camera Work

Persistence Of Vision are looking for Pre-Viz Animators specifically with Hollywood Camera Work and Hot Moves training.

POV 2010 Demo Reel from POV Previs on Vimeo.

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New venture

From our mailbox:

It is a pleasure to present our newsletter of the latest film industry news. 
Have something you think our readers would like to read about or any other comments? Then please email  Best regards,
Julian, Niall, Mike and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team.”

Check out the website

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