Personal View on the International Student Short Film Festival

The Lincoln School of Media funded one of its undergraduates to travel to Pisek for the Student Short Film Festival last month and here’s their insight into the event: 

Student Film Fest_Nov2013_Pisek

“So a few weeks back, I casually found myself in Pisek, as you do. It’s a small town in the middle of the Czech Republic about 60 miles south of the Prague. I was there however for a specific reason: The 13th International Student Short Film Festival

As I entered the auditorium for the opening ceremony of the festival, I found myself in complete surprise. It was overly packed; with many a-people sitting on the stairs to the sides and standing round the back of the seats. I, arriving a few minutes later than the rest, found myself standing at the back.  Earlier in the day, there were sessions of screening of the competitive films. In these sessions, the theatre was barely a third full. The first, in fact, was far less than that, I had many choices of where I wanted to sit, which the festival being in its 13th year in this annual event, I found quite surprising and disappointing. However, that was nothing to the surprise that I had that evening finding the auditorium overly full for this opening ceremony. During the opening ceremony, we were treated to an animation of the history of Pisek.  The fourteen piece orchestra performed a few tunes and, rather surprisingly but quite a treat, a rendition of A Hard Day’s Night. And it simply wouldn’t be proper if the director of the festival and the Mayor didn’t go onto the stage to say a few words. Continue reading