Backyard Productions ‘The Drift Trailer’ by LSM Grads & Students

Darren Scales has produced a video diaryLSM’s 2008 alumnus Director and Producer Darren Scales (and a part-time lecturer at the School) tells us about his latest venture at Backyard Productions UK. Apparently the project was done on a budget of £5,000 with goodwill from a bunch of local and media volunteers! 

The Drift Trailer HD “is an original sci-fi trailer made by LSM graduates and undergrads. We have really gone all out to make this a massive movie with a micro-budget! That is the biggest challenge: creating an original story with that immersive movie look with next to no funding – but I think we have done it. Now in the post-production phase, I have no doubt that THE DRIFT (set 100 years from now) is going to be something really special. The movie will be out at the end of the year.”

You can make donations towards ‘The Drift’ movie at Backyard Productions, which is a voluntary group.  Details are on its site.