Doctor Who: Anatomy of a Hit | RTS event by student Bryony Hooper

Doctor doctor-who-anatomy-hit

Image from RTS webpage:

It was Friday night and I got a direct message on Twitter, I heard the notification on my phone but I ignored it as it was raining and I was on my way home. Once I had got in I looked at my phone and it turned out I had won a pair of tickets to Doctor Who: Anatomy of a Hit in London (for 11 Nov)! I do admit I had a fan girl moment. I had only entered on the off chance and I had actually won. Now to spend more money – buying train tickets.  It was Tuesday, the day had finally arrived. I got my train down to London, met my Dad (who I had given the other ticket to) and we were off. WE walk past The Guardian building, which felt like an honour in itself somehow, and arrived at 90 York Way. We walked in and there was a queue to go downstairs so we waited, for what felt like forever. Then finally a woman gave the signal and we went down. For some reason everyone who I thought was there for business got up and followed us down, mainly middle aged men, I only saw 2 people that were dressed head to toe in Doctor Who gear who I would class as hard core whovians, weird.  As we were registering 2 people came round dressed as monsters from the show. I got some brilliant pictures of them!

Then finally we were allowed in. The scene was brilliant; a weeping angel and a dalek were on stage. I got a seat, 5 rows from the front right in the middle. Then Moffat came on and my life was complete. Continue reading