Sky Sports Job

Sky Sports in Leeds are looking for a Radio Producer. “We are looking for a talented radio producer to join the Sky Sports News Radio team. The station continues to build a strong audience online and via various Sky Sports and third party apps. The radio team works closely with the Sky Sports News TV operation and all other Sky Sports platforms.” Read More

Hamish Patel, class of 2007

“Reputation is everything in this business. Make a bad name for yourself and people will find out.” Continue reading

Becky Tompkins Update

Becky Tompkins

After my job as an editor at Isis Media came to an end I got a job at Sky and moved to London.

I’ve been working as an Edit Co-ordinator in Compliance for the last 8 months but I’ve just got a promotion to ‘Editorial Compliance Executive’, which is a permanent job. Moving to London was a huge lifestyle change for me but now I’ve settled in I’m loving it and have managed to move up the career ladder pretty quickly. Looks like I’ll be staying down here for a quite while.

Dani Moseley: more news

I found out on Friday that I secured two acting jobs!

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Dani Moseley – sneak peep

Click on the photo to see Dani in Runaway – Martina Cole’s new crime series on Sky. (Sorry about the ads). Dani is in episode 2 – “Cathy Fights Back,” repeated this Wednesday at 11 p.m.

Dani’s latest news

Dani Moseley latest news

Dani Moseley speaks out

Heya! Been a while right?!
So what’s on the grapevine with Dani Moseley. Well…

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James Waddell, class of 2000

James Waddell

I had always wanted to work in television and one day decided to do something about it.

I chose Lincoln for my degree mostly because of the new media and television facilities that they had.

Throughout my three years there I pretty much knew I wanted to be a director, the only problem was how did I make it happen?

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