Frequency Festival 2015 | Trailer & Doco

Frequency Festival of Digital Culture will be on in Lincoln (UK) from 23rd October to 1st November 2015 and you can be a part of it. Organisers said: the biennial festival provides a platform to celebrate the pioneering spirit of digital innovation and culture through exhibition, creative collision and debate. See the schedule of free events on the Frequency Festival site. This trailer was created by Graham Cooper and David McSherry, Senior Lecturers at the Lincoln School of Film & Media.

From our alumni here is a mini-documentary about Frequency Festival. Footage from Graham Cooling (Class of 2011) & edited by Sarah Worcester (Class of 2015). Continue reading

Lincoln School of Media’s Student Engagement Champions


Nigel & Graham

Each academic school (and professional support departments, like the Library) now has Student Engagement Champions.  At the LSM we’ve Senior Lecturer Graham Cooper.  Our Academic Subject Librarian Faye Cleminson is also a Student Engagement Champion, and she’s in the video below. Director of Education and Students for the College of Arts is LSM’s Principal Lecturer Nigel Morris.

The Student Engagement Hub said: Student Engagement Champions are tasked with leading their colleagues in embedding a culture of partnership and co-production. The aim’s to engage students meaningfully at all levels of the University.  With the new roll-out to schools, there are lots of colleagues new to the role – with this in mind Student Engagement at Lincoln developed ‘Basecamp’, a training session designed to get everybody off to a great start in the role.  This video shares more about the training, as well as some thoughts from a couple of Champions themselves.