Charlotte Bateman Class of 2012

Charlotte BatemanIt feels like a lifetime since I graduated from the University of Lincoln, and in actual fact it has only been 6 months. The good side, is that I have been in employment in my chosen media sector for 8 months, and I have the university to thank for shaping my knowledge of the industry and driving me to achieve my goals.

I came out of university with a 1st Class Honours degree, an academic prize and as Student Speaker for my class.  This was a huge honour, and it really felt like all my hard work had paid off.  However, I never found out my final grade until after I became employed. This proved that to me that the weight of a degree will get you so far on paper, but the skills and the experience, and how much you get out of the things that are on offer to you at university, get you the job and drive you to keep going, to reach out and seek what you want.  And it is that drive that allowed me to gain my 1st and to walk into my first television interview with the confidence to talk about who I wanted to become and how I was determined to get here. Continue reading

Production Manager and Sound Recordist Wanted for Feature Film

From Robert Telezynski:

I am a graduate filmmaker who has recently returned home to Lincoln. Having had some previous success with some of my short films (BFI awarded, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival) and recently completing the FilmWorks development and networking scheme through the BFI and Creative England has enabled me to move forward into directing my first feature project. Continue reading