Aleysha Minns on her Internship, at MtG 2014 & LSM Media Mentor

Class of 2013

Class of 2013

February has been a busy month! I have just about completed my Production Assistant internship at Warp Films in Sheffield and I have had the best time, not just for experience, but because I am a huge fan of their films. I have experienced working in their head office with some extremely talented and well-respected people, such as multiple BAFTA award winning Diarmid Scrimshaw, the Producer of ‘Tyrannasaur’, which was such a highlight for me.

While I was there, I had the chance to work on a wide range of tasks such as, working with contracts and preparing paperwork for distribution companies, checking transcripts for DVDs, film development research and valuable administration experience. I also got to experience the feeling of excitement of a film appearing at film festivals and waiting for reviews and award nominations to come in. I learnt so much from this experience and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Continue reading

Meet the Graduates – Thank You!

MtG2014_12FEBThanks to our graduates, students and staff for a good time today at LSM ‘Meet the Graduates’ event.

Looking forward to your stories and capture of MtG 2014 … In the meantime, we’re liking the tweets @LSMalumni

Students Don’t Miss! Meet LSM Grads in EMMTEC 2-5pm Today

Happy Days! Snapshots of some of our alumni for this afternoon’s ‘Meet The Graduates’. It is LSM’s annual networking event between our grads and students. Thirty alumni from the creative industry and media-related areas are looking forward to seeing students in EMMTEC. Have your questions ready for the Q&A at 2pm. Then have an informal chat (over a cuppa!) from 4pm to share experiences.

Meet LSM Graduate: TV Editor Stuart Lutes, Class of 2001

Stuart-LutesStuart Lutes is a freelance TV Editor who’s worked on TV shows from Big Brother to Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe – currently he’s editing Series 2. Stuart’s going to be joining 30 of LSM’s industry alumni at ‘Meet the Graduates’ on 12 Feb and he’ll be one of our new media mentors. Somehow he’s managed to squeeze in a story on our blog, too. Thanks Stu, see you next Wednesday – mentoring, Q&A session and networking … whoa!

Stuart-Lutes_TVEd_Weekly-WipeSeries2In terms of employment hints and tips, I’m happy to talk to the students directly but, it generally boils down to getting a job in any profession.  Display a willingness to learn, a willingness to work hard (even for free), show initiative and finally, some level of aptitude. The TV industry can be a cruel beast, with everyone working long hours and usually up against tight deadlines so, ‘dead weight’ or laziness just simply won’t be tolerated.  On the flipside, if you can demonstrate an ability to listen, carry out instructions accurately and efficiently, be personable and have a  tough skin, you’ll be highly valued, employable and most importantly, trusted and you’ll go very far.  So, after graduating in 2001, I was lucky enough to leapfrog the nightmare of being a runner and my career as a Video Editor began down in London three months later … Continue reading