Invite LUMAS 23 Feb 2016 | LSFM Media Arts Showcase & Awards

An invitation from the Organising Committee of LUMAS – Lincoln University Media Arts Showcase – to all our Lincoln School of Film & Media (LSFM) alumni & students. Head of LSFM, Sarah Barrow said: LUMAS is a wonderful evening of glitz and glamour! Save the date to this free event on 23rd February 2016 and join us at The Engine Shed in Lincoln from 6.15pm to 10pm for a celebration of success – of our students, graduates, staff and special guests. 
If you would like to attend, please email no later than noon on Monday 8 February. The evening will include  Continue reading

LUMAS | Lincoln School of Film & Media’s Showcase

LUMAS_logoNews about LSFM‘s inaugural event LUMAS, which supports the charity Media Trust. The LUMAS organisers were delighted last night and said: Thank you to everyone who came and supported. Congrats to all our nominees and winners. Linc TV and others captured the event and here are some images retweeted @LSMAlumni from our glamorous graduates, students & staff.  Many thanks!  

More from Lizzy Mitchell at the University of Lincoln press about the event, award winners and guests: Continue reading

Call for Submissions | Top class media work for LUMAS event

Invitation to our creatives from Sarah Barrow, Head of Lincoln School of Film & Media, about the new event LUMAS – Lincoln University Media Arts Showcase. 2013 Grad Jack Howard will be presenting this new event to celebrate success! LUMAS will be on 24th February and is open to our alumni, students and staff.

LUMAS_logoPlease send submissions for this year’s inaugural LUMAS event. We are looking for TOP CLASS MEDIA WORK in any format (audio | photo | short film | digital | radio | animation | script | design) to showcase and to be considered for an award. The deadline’s Monday 9th February at MIDNIGHT!

Awards will be for Best Innovation; Best Storytellling; Best Creativity; Best External Engagement (e.g. work made for New Media Lincs; use of interesting location, etc,); Best Technical Skills: and (a newly added award category) Best Engagement with Research.  Instructions for submissions: Continue reading