Rachel Hagreen on freelance jobs

Hello.  Here’s another post from me – a Lincoln School of Media Student. 

Rachel Hagreen's freelancing projectsI became a freelancer completely by accident and it was never something I considered as part of plan. I had a BBQ in summer 2012 and a girl who I was once friends with in high school turned up and got talking to me asking the standard generic question ‘so, how’s uni?’… I got chatting about it and she started telling me about the business she and her mum have, Happiness Millionaire, she mentioned that they were looking to create some short videos to ultimately make into a mobile app and asked if I fancied doing it? Since it was to be the first time I’d independently produced any form of film related work I said I’d happily do it free of charge as I’d use it as an opportunity to learn some new skills. Continue reading