Kickstart Bing’s ‘Progress’ a collaborative electronica album NOW

LSM’s 2011 graduate and creative Christopher Bingham, known filmmaker and YouTuber [Slomozovo], has a Kickstarter campaign. Just days are left to back Bing!  “I find myself making music late into the night. It’s addictive, as such a big music lover, to be in control of my own soundscape.

JackShaw-Bing double_kickstarter2014Kickstarter’s been taking advance orders for a collaborative album I’m making this year under my musical moniker High Five Spaceship.  On the 10-track folk-inspired album will be celebrated musicians including Corinna Crabtree, Will Dixon, Tofu Stravinsky, my sister Jenny and father Steve Bingham, and Lincoln favourites Elliott Morris and Jack Shaw. It’s an interesting time to be using crowdfunding, which is something I research a lot for my teaching. I’m essentially using it as a glorified pre-order system, but the simple fact that I chose the KS platform lends a PR value which is undeniable. Also, in terms of production/distro, I’m trying something I find interesting. The release packages are digital, physical and ‘license’, which comes with a PDF document granting the buyer written permission for commercial use of all tracks on the album in video uploaded online. It’s something I, as a video maker, wish more indie artists did. Continue reading

Jimmy Gregory, Class of 2006

Jimmy Tearaway

Capture: Andrew West

Things have been rather manic since talking to some of the media students at the Meet the Graduates event earlier this year. For those that weren’t there, I graduated in 2006 and ended up hotfooting it to Leeds in search of a job in the creative industry. I had no industry links as part of my armory and I never had that impeccable sense of timing to be in the right place at the right time.

I applied for post after post, and received my fair share of rejection letters and ultimately resorted to drafting written responses to complaints for one of the UK’s largest car manufacturers in order to pay the rent. Nevertheless I kept applying and after 18 months, I thought that I had caught my break when a local studio decided to take me on. But oh how I was wrong. It didn’t exactly pan out the way it had in my head and within 3 months the dreams were shattered and I was unemployed once more. Continue reading