L3 Tom Anderson: Article published in Digital FilmMaker Magazine

Tom Anderson_L3MPStudent_15.12.2013I got in contact with Digital FilmMaker Magazine, after buying a copy in WHSmith. They let me write an article talking about the RED camera. The issue is in shops with my 6 page feature article! I’ve never done anything like this before so I was pretty excited to see it in print, therefore I wanted to let you know! Thanks, Tom Anderson. Be proud. An inspirational move by LSM’s final year media production student.

Tom Anderson_DigitalFilmakerMagRead Tom’s article ‘The RED Camera Demystified’, which is published in the 10th Edition (28.11.13) of Digital FilmMaker Magazine.  He shares his five years’ DOP experience of using the RED – the pros and cons of an industry standard piece of camera kit. Tom said: “I’ve been an avid film geek since I was fourteen … fast forward to 2013 and I’m making short films and promotional videos on a regular basis, mainly using the RED Scarlet-X.”  

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