LSM Showcase | 28-30 May 2014 | MHT | University of Lincoln

Come along to the Lincoln School of Media’s end of year degree show. See the next generation of creatives’ work in the MHT building from noon on Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th May. The SoundSpiral will be unmissable! It is an audio interactive inflatable space.  A printed programme of all the events will be available from the degree show’s reception desk in the Atrium. 

The student team at LSM Showcase said: “Twenty years ago the Lincoln School of Media began the first Media Production degree in the UK. Today it’s still going strong producing some of the best talent in the country, and that’s what we want to celebrate. We’re inviting you to come to the LSM Showcase, a display of new media practitioners ready to graduate, with some of the most cutting edge and forward thinking work you can imagine.”

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Mentoring Pilot at LSM

Our media mentoring is an initiative between the Lincoln School of Media and the University of Lincoln Careers & Employability Service. The mentoring pilot is part of our successful LSM Network, which you probably know created this blog and started ‘Meet the Graduates’ to name just a couple of things managed by the network. The LSM has always been keen for our alumni to be part of our activities and events. The media mentoring pilot is another strand to enhance our link between industry and academia as we celebrate twenty years of media students into graduates. Thanks to all our mentors, majority of the twenty or so are our alumni, and student-mentees. We’re looking forward to hearing how the mentoring is going, so please share your experiences here! We’ll be reviewing the pilot’s progress later in the year. Our media mentoring was launched the morning of Meet the Graduates in February 2014.  LSM’s student crew, via New Media Lincs was Year 2 Rory McCarney, Year 3 Kirsty Gibson and Kamil Rewers, captured this summary about our mentoring pilot.