Meet LSM Graduate: Indie filmmaker Mike Henry, Class of 2009

Michael Henry_shooting Time&Place_Feb2014Currently shooting ‘Time and Place’ and here’s an extract from Quandary Productions online journal, which Mike posted yesterday (and he’ll be at LSM for our new Mentoring pilot and ‘Meet the Graduates‘ THIS Wednesday):

We’ve passed the half way point of the film now and it looks like the only major problem we could have with upcoming shoot dates is the weather. Our eleventh day was a bit of an odd one (even by our standards). We started off by shooting a quick few shots, which required Shaun Woodgates to cover his face in flour and lie face down in a field (he’s an incredibly dedicated chap so we knew we could rely on him). After laying, surrounded by several mounds of horse dung (and battling the extreme wind), we headed to Charles Cromwell’s house to finish off his remaining scenes. Continue reading … 

Latest from LSM Graduate Michael Henry (who’ll be a media mentor)

MichaelHenry_FLAT_posterOur 2009 alumnus Michael Henry is a passionate indie filmmaker and the founder of Quandary Productions. He’s also kindly signed up to be one of LSM’s industry mentors for 2014.

‘FLAT’ is the latest short film (a comedy with a female-led cast), which Mike is the Producer and Director of Photography.

“I fully intend to lose my mind when we make our next feature film TIME AND PLACE.” Find out why when you read the latest post on Mike’s blog. Shoot starts on 14 January.  Continue reading