Student Opportunity: Paid Work Experience at New Media Lincs

Hazel DonnellyCall out for student camera and sound operators from Hazel Donnelly, Project Co-ordinator at LSM’s New Media Lincs Social Enterprise. It provides opportunities for students to work collaboratively with local groups:
New Media Lincs require two excellent camera operators and a sound person for PAID work experience on Monday 9th or Tuesday 10th of December for some basic film work and a couple of short interviews.  Due to assessment hand-ins I would prefer that you are a Level Two student.There would also be the possibility of more permanent work experience through this new company.  If you think this is for you, please email me as soon as possible:


Personal View on the International Student Short Film Festival

The Lincoln School of Media funded one of its undergraduates to travel to Pisek for the Student Short Film Festival last month and here’s their insight into the event: 

Student Film Fest_Nov2013_Pisek

“So a few weeks back, I casually found myself in Pisek, as you do. It’s a small town in the middle of the Czech Republic about 60 miles south of the Prague. I was there however for a specific reason: The 13th International Student Short Film Festival

As I entered the auditorium for the opening ceremony of the festival, I found myself in complete surprise. It was overly packed; with many a-people sitting on the stairs to the sides and standing round the back of the seats. I, arriving a few minutes later than the rest, found myself standing at the back.  Earlier in the day, there were sessions of screening of the competitive films. In these sessions, the theatre was barely a third full. The first, in fact, was far less than that, I had many choices of where I wanted to sit, which the festival being in its 13th year in this annual event, I found quite surprising and disappointing. However, that was nothing to the surprise that I had that evening finding the auditorium overly full for this opening ceremony. During the opening ceremony, we were treated to an animation of the history of Pisek.  The fourteen piece orchestra performed a few tunes and, rather surprisingly but quite a treat, a rendition of A Hard Day’s Night. And it simply wouldn’t be proper if the director of the festival and the Mayor didn’t go onto the stage to say a few words. Continue reading

Quandary Productions Welcome Two New Interns from LSM

Quandary Productions Creative Internship Programme have selected two new interns to join its team – and they’ve both come from the Lincoln School of Media. Congratulations to Sarah Worcester a 2nd year student and Liam Gilroy a recent media production graduate.

Michael_HenryMichael Henry, founder of Quandary Productions and our 2009 graduate, said: “Sarah and Liam will be assisting us on weekly creative briefs, as well as working as Production Assistants during our future short and feature films – including ‘TIME AND PLACE’. We can’t wait to start working with them. We’ll keep you updated on their progress.” Continue reading

Media Culture 2020 – Snapshot of Two Weeks by LSM Student Blogger

Hello! Rachel Hagreen, LSM’s student blogger and third year Media Production Student here… I’m now home from Latvia and can safely say it’s been the most tiring two weeks of my life, but absolutely incredible.  Here’s a snapshot of the EU-funded Media Culture 2020 Project.

MC2020_ringoffireWe left Lincoln at 2:30am on 26th and arrived in Liepaja at 7pm on the 27th… After not sleeping for at least 48 hours, the British felt now would be a good time to showcase our greatest talents; drinking. Needless to say, all the multiple bottle of free wine didn’t last very long and we managed to conduct a king size game of Ring of Fire across the multiple nationalities. 



The next day we woke up (not very) bright-eyed and bushy tailed to begin our first day of Media Culture 2020.  The day began with everybody giving a one minute introduction to themselves.

Following this we broke into our individual concept groups and begin preparing the presentations we had already started working on in our home towns.

Continue reading

Team Achievement Research Award for ‘Midlands on Film’ (LSM/MACE)

Congratulations to the LSM team for being highly commended in the category of ‘Achievement in Research’ for its ‘Midlands on Film’ series. It was a collaborative research project between the Lincoln School of Media (LSM) and the Media Archive for Central England (MACE).

Midlands on Film DVD CollectionThe University of Lincoln 2013 Team Achievement Awards gave top research recognition to those involved in the collection of nine DVDs – each captured the history of a city or place in the Midlands. Continue reading

Radio Legend Trevor Dann is at LSM

Trevor DannVisiting Professor Trevor Dann is at the Lincoln School of Media today. He’ll be on campus over the next couple of days and said, modestly, there’ll be “lots of radio folks who know more than I do!” Trevor will be “leading talks, workshops, debates and offering tons of practical advice” said Head of LSM Sarah Barrow: “If you see him around campus, go and have a chat! Tell him you’re part of LSM and he’ll be interested to hear about your projects and plans.”

Good opportunity to meet a radio legend – er, Trevor’s also a Notts County supporter!

Rachel Hagreen on freelance jobs

Hello.  Here’s another post from me – a Lincoln School of Media Student. 

Rachel Hagreen's freelancing projectsI became a freelancer completely by accident and it was never something I considered as part of plan. I had a BBQ in summer 2012 and a girl who I was once friends with in high school turned up and got talking to me asking the standard generic question ‘so, how’s uni?’… I got chatting about it and she started telling me about the business she and her mum have, Happiness Millionaire, she mentioned that they were looking to create some short videos to ultimately make into a mobile app and asked if I fancied doing it? Since it was to be the first time I’d independently produced any form of film related work I said I’d happily do it free of charge as I’d use it as an opportunity to learn some new skills. Continue reading

BFI Academy: ‘The Delivery’ and ‘Behind the Scenes’

This short film was made by students attending the East Midlands British Film Institute (BFI) Academy sessions, held earlier this year at the University of Lincoln, with help from craft mentors at the Lincoln School of Media (LSM) – staff, students and graduates. The course was jointly co-ordinated by Robert Pitman (CfBT Education Services) and Brian Hall (LSM).

Another great watch is next and it gives an insight into the creative project. Continue reading

Meet the LSM Graduates

Meet the Graduates (MtG 2013), our networking event, was a good get together for students (and staff) to meet fifteen LSM’s alumni.  2012 graduate Katie Martin captured some of our alumni on the day and asked what they are doing?

Bird's eye view: Graduate Question Time

Bird’s eye view: Graduate Question Time

The Graduate Question Time was not rose tinted views, but honest realistic perspectives. Graduates talked frankly about their experiences in looking for work, pursuing their passions and reflecting on when they were students. They even agreed that tutors are humans with experience and lots to offer!  Trending was to use social media platforms, get business cards and set up your own blog now (students) to showcase your work. Other talking points … Continue reading