WATCH & VOTE for your Favourite Film: DONE IN 60 SECONDS

jamesonempiredonein60secondsIt’ll only take 20 minutes to watch twenty 1-minute films and then vote for your favourite entry in the ‘Done in 60 Seconds‘ shorts! Heads up from Sarah Barrow is that from hundreds of submissions, 2 of the 20 shortlisted are from LSM graduates: Entry 7 ‘There will be Bitter’ by Ross McGowan and Entry 15 ‘Super Size Me’ by Joseph Fallon (and Jonathan Sankey). At least the first one has input from LSM students, like Year 3 Tom Anderson.  Here’s what the organisers at Jameson Empire Awards 2014 said:

The challenge was clear: remake a classic (or not-so-classic) film in no more than one minute. Hundreds of people slaved away on their mini-masterpieces, and our panel of judges has chosen the 20 best UK entries… But now the buck passes to you! We need you to watch the lot – and choose your favourite. WATCH all shorts and VOTE now! 

Entry 7 ‘There will be Bitter’ 

 Entry 15 ‘Super Size Me’  Continue reading