Congrats Imogen Hayes, LSFM 3rd Year | Runner Job after Uni

As a third year, the daunting acknowledgment that Uni (of Lincoln) is over soon and I will need to fit into reality hits hard. I am fortunately one of those people who likes to get stuff done early so my period of stress and panic hits way before deadline day – this is something I’ve always done in all aspects of my life including career prospects. I did my first piece of work experience in the Media Industry at 18, working as a runner for a week at CrowTV Post Production. This mainly consisted of making teas and coffees and the occasional cocktail (cocktail Fridays is a theme I’ve seen in more than one Post Production house). After that, I started Uni (Media Production course) and felt studies were more important. Around the end of my first semester of the second year, I looked at my CV and thought I needed more work experience.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from seeing my siblings go through University and then try to get a job is that experience is everything. When I say everything, I do mean everything!  Continue reading

Bryan Rudd on BBC Radio Humberside

Bryan Rudd, Principal Lecturer in Media Production and Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Audio Production, was interviewed yesterday by David Burns on BBC Radio Humberside’s morning show. (15/01/13)

Bryan was invited onto the show as a guest commentator to discuss the anniversary of Mary Whitehouse’s letter to the BBC. Mary Whitehouse CBE was recognised for her opposition to the mainstream British media, and her foundation of the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association. Whitehouse began her activism with a letter to the BBC’s Director General in 1963.
Bryan was invited by BBC Radio Humberside to appear on the show alongside a representative from Mediawatch-uk, to discuss the issue of censorship on radio and television, and explore the changes that have occurred over time. Hear the full interview