Gemma Lowe’s business start-up

2012 LSM graduate Gemma Lowe received a bursary from Enterprise Inc. at the University of Lincoln to start her own business as an audio specialist and voice-over artist.  Her story coincides with the 10th anniversary of Sparkhouse, with its Open Days this week.  Gemma’s in no doubt that the help she got was “crucial” to setting up on her own, and she can now reflect on the experience.

Gemma-Lowe_pic2It’s great being my own boss and it really keeps me motivated, but being self‐employed hasn’t exactly been what I had expected (find out why below)!  I am a voice-over artist with a passion for audio recording and production. I have experience in radio presenting and people regularly told me that I have a ‘voice for radio’, so this really got me thinking what else I could use my voice for.  Gemma’s Q & A session.  Continue reading