Creative space in Lincoln to enhance the community spirit

Invitation from Lynne Smith at the Grimsby charity Foresight.  

Time-banking_sept2013St Swithin’s Church is a fantastic exhibition space and we’re inviting artists, photographers, designers, performers and filmmakers to showcase their talents at St Swithin’s and encourage long-term community use of the church.

With a volunteer from the Diocese of Lincoln we are working with St Swithin’s Church to bring it to the forefront of community life. Our first event is to launch ‘Timebanking’ at an event over the Christmas Market weekend (in Lincoln).

The next meeting to discuss the project, it’ll be about an hour, is at St Swithin’s Church on Thursday 26th September at 11.30 am. The east end of the church is on Broadgate and it’s by the central library at 1 St Swithin’s Square in Lincoln. You are very welcome to attend or if you would like to contact me with any expressions of interest I can take them to the meeting on your behalf. I look forward to hearing from you. My email: