Andy Ellis, Class of 2002 | Lost Village Fest 27th-29th May 2016

Andy-Ellis_2002Graduate Our BA (Hons) Media Production graduate, also MSc International Business, Andy Ellis is the Director at Major Label and he is organising Lost Village Festival in Lincolnshire from 27th to 29th May. The fest is a ‘musical journey like no other‘ said Andy:  More than a music festival, Lost Village is an immersive experience taking place in a long forgotten forest – a surreal world misplaced in the sands of time. As you wonder its leafy corridors you’ll discover places such as the Abandoned Chapel, Burial Ground and Forgotten Cabin. One minute you’re dancing to disco under a canopy of leaves, the next you’re face-to-face with one of the village’s native inhabitants.

A kaleidoscopic array of music, global street food, comedy, relaxation and live performance awaits all who enter.   Continue reading