Final year student Edward Buxton | Whovian winner’s story

Our final year media production student Edward Buxton shares one of his most memorable moments from last year.  He’s pictured with actor Samuel Anderson aka Danny Pink in BBC TV’s Doctor Who. No surprise then that Edward is a Whovian (er, to the uninitiated that is a fan of the science-fiction series) …


… On Monday 17th November 2014 I travelled down to London with my brother to a secret location to take part in the Series 8 DVD Launch hosted by Frank Skinner. The DVD launch was advertised via Doctor Who’s official Facebook page, which gave you the chance to enter a competition to win a pair of tickets to attend the DVD launch.  I entered the competition not really thinking much more about it due to the fact that I don’t usually win competitions. However on Wednesday 5th November 2014, I checked the emails on my phone after a long day, discovering to my delight that I had won a pair of tickets to the Doctor Who Series 8 DVD Launch. But to my surprise, BBC Worldwide who sent the email asked me and anyone else who won tickets to keep the event’s location a secret. Continue reading