Philip Stevens, Class of 2010 | Crowdfunder for ‘The Knock’

The-Knock_UrbanApacheFilmsLincoln School of Film & Media staff need your support to raise £6,500 for a short drama called The Knock by Urban Apache Films. Writer/Director and part-time Lecturer, 2010 alumnus, Philip Stevens and Senior Lecturer Dominque Webb are on the way to their target. Thanks for pledges in to date and they said: BFI and Creative England are part funding our new film, and as part of the agreement we have launched a crowdfunder campaign.  We are honoured to be part of the Creative England and BFI NET.WORK’s 2016 iShorts scheme, and we have been awarded £5000 by them towards the production of our short film, but filmmaking is an expensive process – and to make the most of this incredible opportunity we NEED your support. Continue reading

James Jackson, Class of 2014 | Producer Quandary Productions

After graduating from Media Production in 2014 I immediately worked as a Runner for eight months in London at various Reality TV post-production companies. I had aspirations to become an Editor by working my way up the ladder. I did a lot of shadowing with Edit Assistants, Editors and Producers in the very little spare time I had. Imagining looking back in five years and not being proud of the path I took or the work I had created, I decided that I wanted to work on films I could call art and be proud of. The long shifts at awkward times make it difficult to have a social life outside of work and it was even harder to be creative. On a personal level that made me lose a lot of spirit.

Before I graduated I worked as a Production Assistant for Quandary Productions on their feature film Time and Place (2014). This film was released during my time in London. What Quandary did with their inspirations, technique and limited budget was amazing and it got me thinking that I didn’t need to work my way up anywhere to create films I am proud of. Continue reading

Kickstart Bing’s ‘Progress’ a collaborative electronica album NOW

LSM’s 2011 graduate and creative Christopher Bingham, known filmmaker and YouTuber [Slomozovo], has a Kickstarter campaign. Just days are left to back Bing!  “I find myself making music late into the night. It’s addictive, as such a big music lover, to be in control of my own soundscape.

JackShaw-Bing double_kickstarter2014Kickstarter’s been taking advance orders for a collaborative album I’m making this year under my musical moniker High Five Spaceship.  On the 10-track folk-inspired album will be celebrated musicians including Corinna Crabtree, Will Dixon, Tofu Stravinsky, my sister Jenny and father Steve Bingham, and Lincoln favourites Elliott Morris and Jack Shaw. It’s an interesting time to be using crowdfunding, which is something I research a lot for my teaching. I’m essentially using it as a glorified pre-order system, but the simple fact that I chose the KS platform lends a PR value which is undeniable. Also, in terms of production/distro, I’m trying something I find interesting. The release packages are digital, physical and ‘license’, which comes with a PDF document granting the buyer written permission for commercial use of all tracks on the album in video uploaded online. It’s something I, as a video maker, wish more indie artists did. Continue reading

Michael Henry’s crowdfunding for his next film

From 2009 LSM graduate Michael Henry, indie filmmaker and founder of Quandary Productions:  Please spread the word about crowdfunding for our next feature. ‘TIME AND PLACE’? will be a low-budget epic in which one man has to come to terms with the consequences of his actions, knowing that some day all that surrounds him will cease to exist. Time collapses, things lose their meaning, and moral boundaries seem absurd. Here’s the trailer. 

Crowdfunding – Michael Henry style

From Michael Henry: Just to let you know I’ve now begun my unique crowdfunding campaign for our fourth feature film ‘NARCISSIST’. What sets us apart from everyone else trying to raise funds for their indie film is we’re running the campaign through instead, in order to show you don’t actually need crowdfunding sites to run a successful campaign.

All the details are here 

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