Tom Mallion update

Spotted on Twitter:

Not content with becoming a BT Storyteller for the London Olympics, cycling around the UK and hitting the national press headlines, it turns out that Tom went to the BT BOA Ball in October and made a film about it, which he has just posted on YouTube:

Trademark Productions

Where do you get the energy Tom?

Tom Mallion makes the national press

Chris Hainstock spotted this story about Tom Mallion, Class of 2009:

Recent Media Production Graduate Tom Mallion is cycling around the UK as part of his BT Storyteller role.  “I was as shocked as anyone when I turned to page 54 in today’s Daily Mirror (Nov 25th) to find that I had a full page spread on my TwoWheelDocs series…and I’m loving the James Bond image too, although I feel my cover may have been blown! Thanks to Laurie Hanna for the excellent article.”

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Tom Mallion to tell the Olympic story

LSM graduate Tom Mallion has been selected from thousands to be one of a hundred official “Storytellers” for BT during the lead up to the London 2012 games.

“I am passionate about the films I make and enjoy all aspects of the process.”

“I am passionate about the Olympics and the impact it’s going to have on our capital city. To be part of this incredible event is going to be a privilege. Continue reading