LUMAS | Lincoln School of Film & Media’s Showcase

LUMAS_logoNews about LSFM‘s inaugural event LUMAS, which supports the charity Media Trust. The LUMAS organisers were delighted last night and said: Thank you to everyone who came and supported. Congrats to all our nominees and winners. Linc TV and others captured the event and here are some images retweeted @LSMAlumni from our glamorous graduates, students & staff.  Many thanks!  

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First year Alex Faulkner works with Aperture Films

Aperture Films asked me if I was able to go and work with them in New Mexico as follow up work to a previous project I worked on with them in December 2011 in Los Angeles, California.  Obviously, when they asked me, my immediate response was yes!  I was eager and excited, but I was also a little anxious, as it would be only the second time I’d flown alone.  I made my flights and travel arrangements around 3 weeks before the actual day of travel, which is cutting it fine, but made the whole experience even more exciting!  On Friday 8th February I travelled to Heathrow airport in London in readiness to fly to Dallas, Texas, to meet up with the crew from Aperture Films. We would then travel together to Roswell, and then to Carlsbad, New Mexico to work on the set for a film they’re about to start filming for the US National Park Service.

This is me as PA and BTS working with Aperture Films

This is me as PA and BTS working with Aperture Films

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