LSM’s Mentoring Pilot by Student-Mentee Rosie Turner

In February this year I was selected to be part of the Lincoln School of Media’s Mentoring pilot, where students across Media, Audio and Film & Television were matched with a mentor within the creative and media-related industries to give us guidance about the area that we wanted to get into.  Being a Media Production student with a particular interest in Television I was matched with LSM’s 2006 alumnus Katy Atkinson, Director of ‘The Reporters’ Academy – it works with young people, training them how to report and interview with a particular eye to sport. Katy and The Reporters’ Academy were the first youth group to be granted a press pass for the London 2012 Olympics, where the team covered the event alongside such big names as the BBC.

Rosie-Turner_MediaCityKaty: “I am pleased to say we have made great progress.  Our main thrust is to find Rosie experience, to project her ahead of other candidates and allow her to gain a better insight into what route she might like to pursue upon graduating. Rosie realises that her career journey has already begun.”  As part of the LSM mentoring, we meet regularly with our mentors. My lovely mentor Katy very kindly invited me up to MediaCityUK in Manchester for the afternoon for our second meeting this April.  I have visited Manchester before but never been to the newly built MediaCity… and I was amazed. Continue reading

Congrats LSM’s Rosie Turner 4Crew Social Networker & Photographer

LSM’s second year student Rosie Turner is on our mentoring pilot between industry professionals and undergraduates. Rosie’s media mentor is 2006 graduate Katy Atkinson who runs a successful not-for-profit media production company called The Reporters’ Academy, based in Manchester. Next month, Katy has kindly arranged a MediaCityUK tour for Rosie and the two will continue to discuss career strategy. For now, Rosie has this super story to share.

Rosie-TurnerHi, I’m a Television and Photography student. Here’s a little piece on my recent job success at Channel 4.  I’ll be working as a Social Networker and Photographer as part of the 4Crew team, travelling around the UK to film and document 4Talent Days.  

I had heard about the job whilst working for the 4Talent department last summer through work experience so when the opportunity was posted online in February I quickly applied and crossed my fingers. At the start of March I had an e-mail back saying I was successful and invited down to London for a day-long interview at Channel 4. After an initial panic because my train was over an hour late and a little jog from one side of Westminster to the other, I made it to the interview, where I met all of the candidates for all job roles (Reporter, Director, Production Manager & Social Networker) within the 4crew team. The first task was a pitch presentation and I was up first! Continue reading