Aleysha Minns on her Internship, at MtG 2014 & LSM Media Mentor

Class of 2013

Class of 2013

February has been a busy month! I have just about completed my Production Assistant internship at Warp Films in Sheffield and I have had the best time, not just for experience, but because I am a huge fan of their films. I have experienced working in their head office with some extremely talented and well-respected people, such as multiple BAFTA award winning Diarmid Scrimshaw, the Producer of ‘Tyrannasaur’, which was such a highlight for me.

While I was there, I had the chance to work on a wide range of tasks such as, working with contracts and preparing paperwork for distribution companies, checking transcripts for DVDs, film development research and valuable administration experience. I also got to experience the feeling of excitement of a film appearing at film festivals and waiting for reviews and award nominations to come in. I learnt so much from this experience and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Continue reading

Congrats to LSM’s Graduate Gemma Pass, Class of 2013

Gemma-Pass_2013gradHi, just wanted to share a few things! My name’s Gemma Pass and I graduated in 2013. When leaving university I so had just one thing in my head – getting into media production. And now after working in the media for 6 months I think it’s so important that current LSM students realise that there is so much more to the media than just production!

After leaving Lincoln I picked up a few runner day jobs and absolutely loved my time working on shows. But between that time I was miserable. It’s so hard to pick up long term contracts without some more permanent experience under my belt and worst of all I couldn’t afford to move to London without a guarantee that long term work was there to pay my rent.  It was then that I came across a job as a Junior Scheduler near London. It wasn’t as glamorous as production work but hey it was a foot in the door. Now 6 months down the line I know I made the right choice. Since starting in August I have launched several TV channels, created promos for TV, designed channel logos and had complete editorial decisions on what plays out on air. Now my position with Canis Media is Channel Management and Scheduling Executive. Continue reading

Students Don’t Miss! Meet LSM Grads in EMMTEC 2-5pm Today

Happy Days! Snapshots of some of our alumni for this afternoon’s ‘Meet The Graduates’. It is LSM’s annual networking event between our grads and students. Thirty alumni from the creative industry and media-related areas are looking forward to seeing students in EMMTEC. Have your questions ready for the Q&A at 2pm. Then have an informal chat (over a cuppa!) from 4pm to share experiences.

Free Entry! Watch LSM’s Alumni Performance at LPAC this Wednesday

LPACDon’t miss 2013 Media Production graduates Nathan Dean and Sam Clarke’s work-in-progress. They’ll be staging a 60-minute performance of We Have Offended.  It’s at LPAC this Wednesday evening and tickets are free. Here’s an official extract from Lincoln Performing Arts Centre:

Wednesday 22 January | 8:45pm |  FREE 

Who is Robin Goodfellow? In this revitalisation of Shakespeare classics, We Have Offended follows Robin and The Weyward Sisters as they create a piece of unrelenting horror; torturing and tormenting the audience with secret audio and nightmarish projections. Continue reading

Graduate Jack Howard’s video on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

LSM’s 2013 alumnus Jack Howard’s written and directed The Syria Challenge, which is his take about the refugee crisis in Jordan.

Jack Howard_Syria Challenge_Oxfam

Jack’s video aim’s to raise public donations for Oxfam’s Syria Christmas Appeal – running until 27 February 2014.  He said you can donate £3 by “Text Jack to 70066” and all monies from his video will go to Oxfam’s Syria Appeal.  

Oxfam said your donation “will be matched pound for pound by the UK government. These donations will support families affected by the Syria crisis.”


Graduate Aleysha Minns on Internship at Warp Films & LSM on 9 Dec

aleysha picture_300wI just received the great news that Warp Films will be taking me on for an internship in February 2014! I never thought I would get an opportunity like this from a completely different job interview around 5 months ago.

I attended a Frequency Festival internship interview in July and when talking to my lovely interviewer Sam, who happens to be a Yorkshire girl like me, she gave me the contact details for Warp Films in Sheffield from when she did an internship. I sent an email straight away, but heard nothing until 2 weeks ago! I had a Skype interview rather quickly and was offered a place! I was just over the moon, I have always wanted to work in film and now is my chance with a company I admire. Continue reading

LSM Alumni Update from Aleysha Minns, Class of 2013

Aleysha Minns_Graduation_cropped_2013Finishing university is such a daunting and scary prospect and it really is quite a shock to your life. I spent the lectures in my third year listening to the many wonderful graduates that came in to talk to us about life after university and I would always walk away thinking how did they do it and how would I be able to do that? I honestly did not think it was possible for me to do until I worked out the thing in common with everyone that came in; they all made their own luck and opportunities.

After the final hand in and a much needed rest, all I could see was the blank few months leading up to graduation in September and the countdown to moving back home to Hull. I started to feel a little lost so spent a lot of time updating my CV and applying for any job that I saw. It seemed like months of hard work, applications and the odd interview here and there had not paid off until late July.  Continue reading

Sean Strange is a staff photographer at the Imperial War Museum

Sean StrangeI’ve just been offered the opportunity to start work as a staff photographer for the Imperial War Museum and in particular the Duxford branch. Therefore my job is to mainly cover the Aviation aspect, as well as visitors and attractions within the museum. I will be working under the eyes of Richard Bayford who is head of visual resources and the photographer Richard Ash who produces the main bulk of the material for the IWM. This is a great new start for me and one I’m particularly looking forward to and something I’m very interested in taking to new levels.

Well done Sean and keep us posted in your photographic passion. Here’s Sean’s photographic portfolio for you to peruse.