VFX Freelancer Holly Smith, Class of 2010

Holly Smith I graduated from Media Production in 2010 specialising in Digital Media. My first role in the industry was as a Runner at a post house in Soho and whilst working there I showed everyone I could my showreel, most of the time just on my phone in one of the kitchens. This led to one of the VFX editors recommending me to the VFX Company he was working with and I gained a junior position at The Brewery VFX where I have been working up until a few weeks ago when I decided I was going to take the leap to go freelance.

Over the past 2 years at The Brewery VFX I have been constantly learning new skills and gaining invaluable experience working in the industry on both Film & TV projects. I also helped to establish and run the work experience scheme for the company, which gave me the responsibility of reviewing CVs and showreels & interviewing shortlisted candidates. I contacted one of my old lecturers at the beginning of the year because I was tired of seeing the same mistakes made on applicants CVs and showreels and I wanted to be able to offer my advice to students ready for when they graduate. I think it’s so important to have a strong showreel and CV, as often this is the only way you can showcase your skills. Don’t be afraid to get a job as a Runner but make sure you are armed with your showreel or CV ready for any opportunity that might arise. Continue reading

George Horne | Director

LSM Graduate George Horne (LSM Graduate 2010) is building a name for himself as a Director, based at lonelyleap an independently owned, multi award winning production company with offices in London and New York City.

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 23.15.10
Clients include: BP, BBC, Channel 4, Bentley, CNBC, Intel, Kew Gardens, KPMG, Levis, Rio Tinto, Save the Children, Alcatel-Lucent, Ogilvy & Mather, Tumi, Film4, McCains and The World Economic Forum.


Recently George wrote, directed and graded this new Rimmel London promo.

“We edited in house on FCP, shot on 2 5D MkIIIs, sound was recorded on an external boom and clip on mics, shoot ratio was really high as we wanted to capture certain elements of spontaneity, fun and movement, oh and we also used a Sony Hi8 camera for the little vintage camera bits.” Continue reading

Support Scott’s Triathlon: 400m Swim | 24km Cycle | 5km Run

Apart from his video producer/editor’s job, LSM’s 2010 graduate Scott Farrow has been running, from 3km to 10 miles, to raise money for various charities (The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, St. Barnabas and Alzheimer’s Society) for the last couple of years.

Scott Farrow, Class of 2010 Video ProducerThis year he said he’s decided to go a little BIGGER “both in distance and challenge!” with a triathlon to raise £500 for St. Andrew’s Children’s Hospice in Grimsby.  Please support Scott, donate here! “The sprint triathlon is my aim. A 400m swim (16 lengths of an olympic size pool to you and me!), a 24km bike ride up Burton Hill (if you know Lincoln, you will feel my pain!) and a 5km run!  As well as upping the ante with the training, I need your help to up the ante with increasing my donations. I’ve been stuck on just short of £250 now for a few weeks and would really like to hit that next milestone!  Continue reading

Students Don’t Miss! Meet LSM Grads in EMMTEC 2-5pm Today

Happy Days! Snapshots of some of our alumni for this afternoon’s ‘Meet The Graduates’. It is LSM’s annual networking event between our grads and students. Thirty alumni from the creative industry and media-related areas are looking forward to seeing students in EMMTEC. Have your questions ready for the Q&A at 2pm. Then have an informal chat (over a cuppa!) from 4pm to share experiences.

LSM Graduate Paul Rook on jobs and award nominations for 48HFP

Read our 2010 graduate Paul Rook’s frank insight into job-hunting, freelancing and striving for a dream job. Paul and another LSM graduate, Joseph (Joey) Fallon, have been nominated for The 48 Hour Film Project “a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and your team have a blast making a movie. All writing, shooting, editing and scoring must be completed in just 48 hours.”  In the London 48HFP 2013 competition Paul and Joey are up for two awards for their entry “Disconnect”:

Paul RookIt wasn’t long after my previous post on the alumni blog that I went full steam trying to find a new job. My company had tied me down to a contract that required 3 months’ notice. This caused a bit of a dilemma. If I didn’t hand in my resignation immediately I would never be able to leave for another job as no where would wait 3 months, but if we did part ways then I could find myself unemployed down the line. Never let yourself get into this position, no company should ever put a low earner in this position. Continue reading

Stephen Young on staff at LSM

BA & MA LSM Graduate

BA & MA LSM Graduate

Congratulations to Steve for getting the job of Media Technician (video production) with us.  Since his MA in Media Production he’s been freelancing. On and off he worked at the LSM from a learning adviser to editing the collaborative MACE/LSM project ‘Midlands on Film‘ series.

Head of LSM Sarah Barrow: “There were a lot of strong applicants, but our graduate Stephen Young stood out.” He’s only just started – say hello if you see him – and watch this blog for his update on landing a staff job …

Meet the LSM Graduates with their Top Tips

Meet the Graduates (MtG) is always a highlight at the Lincoln School of Media.  Katie Martin, class of 2012, captured our alumni at this year’s networking event between graduates and students. Katie’s just finished an internship at the Uni and now she’s landed a staff job here as Social Media Officer – many congrats. This is her vox/pop on tips graduates would give to our third year students. It’s a timely piece as the next generation of our creatives leave the LSM, so listen up and good luck!

Final year students, we look forward to seeing your stories here so please keep us posted on what you’re up to!  Of course you’ll be invited to our next Meet the Graduates, but for now the buzz of this year’s is still with us. Continue reading


Meet the Graduates (MtG) is always a highlight at the Lincoln School of Media and this year’s networking event between graduates and students was no exception. As our third year students are on the verge of graduating (good luck), our alumni were asked what they missed most about being a student? Katie Martin, who graduated last year, captured frank and funny answers from alumni talking about their love of Lincoln and that student lifestyle …

Continue reading

‘Lancaster’ – Director & Trailer on TV

Phil Stevens on ITVLSM’s 2010 graduate Phil Stevens was on ITV news to talk about directing his new film ‘Lancaster’, which currently is in post-production.  East Lindsey District Council commissioned Red Dog Film to make a period drama set in Lincolnshire during World War II about the iconic Lancaster bomber.

Phil was interviewed on BBC Radio Lincolnshire – listen here:

More info and photographs can be found here


The short film will be out next month.  In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview.

Lancaster is on Twitter and also has a Facebook page.

Steve Young, BA and MA Graduate

Freelance Video Producer

Freelance Video Producer

I graduated in 2010 with a BA (Hons) Media Production degree but didn’t feel like I was quite ready to start looking for work just yet. I wanted to learn more skills and create a bigger body of work. With this in mind I decided to carry on my education with an MA Media Production degree. Before the BA I hadn’t had any previous experience in filmmaking and so those first three years had some steep learning curves.

While at the time of completing the degree I felt I had learnt a tremendous amount, I wanted another year to hone my skills, to use this knowledge to create my own pieces of work. The resources and equipment, guidance from experienced practitioners, and a year to create four pieces of original independent work all made the decision an easy one. Looking back I know this was a good decision. Continue reading