Kingsley Tudor, Class of 2010 | Thunder Pig Creative Solutions

Kingsley-Tudor_2010Grad2010 media production graduate Kingsley Tudor shares his employment story: I left Lincoln in June 2010, not really sure of what I wanted to do. Within a few weeks I gained an interview with The Original Packshot company. I became a photographer in a new studio in Peterborough set up to photograph products for an international high street brand.

Over the next few years I worked my way through the ranks, culminating as the studio manager and head photographer. It was at this point that I realised my dreams had become diluted, I had gone from enjoying my work immensely to despising it, and lost all passion for the work. It came to pass that my other duties restricted me from shooting. I went from shooting still life and models 5 days a week to maybe once a month, if that.  The call to action came when my son was born in December 2013, I quickly realised how much time I spent out of the house, often a 12/14 hour day. I didn’t want to miss anything so in January 2014 the idea of Thunder Pig was realised. Between myself and my business partner, Samuel Smith, the next 8 months were spent in preparation for launch. We spent a long time working on a business plan and funding came through in late July. Continue reading

Phil Stevens, Class of 2010 | Screening ‘The Road to Rome’ 4 Nov

The-Road-to-Rome_Ian-McKellenandPhil-StevensLincoln School of Film & Media will be screening The ROAD to ROME (2014). It’s doco film directed by Phil Stevens, one of our industry mentors, and narrated by Sir Ian McKellenLSFM Senior Lecturer Chris Hainstock posted the story and invites you to the University of Lincoln: Tue 4 Nov | 6pm – 7.30pm | EMMTEC MT007 | Brayford Pool | FREE ADMISSION

The-Road-to-Rome_castandcrewIn the Summer of 2014 Filmmaker and LSFM Lecturer Philip Stevens directed a documentary which was as taxing for the filmmakers as it was for the participants. The Director of Photography was Stewart MacGregor who along with Philip is a graduate of the School of Film and Media from 2010 ( and in 2011 they won a regional RTS Award for Greasepaint). The Road To Rome, narrated by Sir Ian McKellen, is a feature-length documentary about three authors of historical fiction who walk from Naples to Rome dressed as Roman soldiers to raise money for charity. So far the walk has raised over £25,000 in donations for charities Médecins Sans Frontières and Combat Stress. You can see the trailer from Urban Apache Films.

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Video As Above, So Below | International Drone Culture Colloquium

University of Lincoln Crestvideo about the Drone Culture research event on 24 May at the University of Lincoln (UK) was captured by graduating student Andrew West and 2010 alumnus Steve Young.  The international 1-day event was organised by the School’s Dr Rob Coley, Dr Dean Lockwood and Adam O’Meara.  It was hosted by the 21st Century Research Group at the University of Lincoln (UK) where academics, writers, artists and performers from across the globe discussed the social and conceptual implications of unmanned aircraft.   Andrew West, video producer: I hope this video shows to an extent the atmosphere of the international colloquium throughout the day, which was filmed by Steve Young and me (both from the Lincoln School of Film & Media). As a soon to be postgraduate student I personally took a lot from the event and whilst filming enjoyed listening to the various discussions, arguments and debates around drone culture.

Dr Rob Coley:  Dean, Adam and I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who attended or otherwise supported the colloquium on drone culture. Continue reading

Class of 2012, Samuel Cox | Creative Technologist

Samuel-Cox_MAGraduateI’m currently working for a creative technology company called rehabstudio as a creative technologist … funnily enough! It basically means that I generate concepts, ideas and prototypes for brands such as Google, Converse and Red Bull, as well as internal R&D.  I usually focus on building and engineering physical objects/things that are also digital in some way (similar to the phrase “internet of things” that’s getting pasted around at the minute).  I also make this kind of stuff in my spare time, like BitTag, which questions our relationship and how we value fiat currency in the physical world when compared with new Cryptocurrencies. This gained the attention of the BBC, live CNBC (pretty nerve racking) Yahoo and Cnet to name a few.

Flood Beacon is my latest project focusing on using technology for good. It is engineered to broadcast live data such the current water level, GPS location and any sudden accelerations the beacon may feel from sudden flooding. Alerts can then be sent to our smartphone application (push notification when someone is in immediate danger), monitoring stations.

And a note on my MA project progress.  Continue reading

Class of 2010, Jack Shelbourn | Freelance DoP

Jack-Shelbourn_mid-cameraI studied my MA in Media Production between September 2009 and September 2010. I graduated in 2011 with a Distinction. Since then I have moved into a career as a Director of Photography. I’m very excited that HIDEAWAY, which is a new short film (written by Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez) that I shot and co- produced, has been selected for the No Gloss Film Festival in Leeds. 

Another short film, FRAMEd (shot in Italy and London) was recently nominated for Best Short at the London Independent Film Festival. Continue reading

Meet the Graduates 2014 | How to Prepare for Work Post-Uni?

Meet_the_Graduates_150wHere’s the final clip in our Q&A series Meet the Graduates 2014: What’s the best preparation for the world (of work) after studying at the Lincoln School of Media? Graduates Steve Bernard (Class of 2013), Holly Smith (class of 2010), Philip Stevens (Class of 2010), Zoe Easey (Class of 2007), Adam Verity (Class of 2002) and Stuart Lutes (Class of 2001) on the Graduate Question Time panel gave their answers with many alumni in the audience sharing their experiences, too.

New Media Lincs had LSM’s creative student crew to capture the event, which was Year 2 Rory McCarney, Year 3 Kirsty Gibson and Kamil Rewers.  Rory also produced all the clips at Meet the Graduates 2014: value of work experience | where are alumni now? | media mentoring |

Alumni Weekend | 13-15 June 2014 | University of Lincoln | Free for all graduates, family and their friends. See more details here.

Meet the Graduates 2014 | What’s the Value of Work Experience?

Meet_the_Graduates_150wWhat’s the Value of Work Experience? This is the next clip in the Q&A series from Meet the Graduates 2014. The networking event between our students and graduates was part of Lincoln School of Media’s 20th anniversary at the University of Lincoln. Thanks to all alumni, students and staff who came to MtG 2014. 

Alumni Stuart Lutes (Class of 2001), Adam Verity (Class of 2002), Zoe Easey (Class of 2007), Phil Stevens (Class of 2010), Holly Smith (class of 2010) and Stephen Bernard (Class of 2013) were on ‘Graduate Question Time’. LSM’s student crew, via New Media Lincs, Year 2 Rory McCarney, Year 3 Kirsty Gibson and Kamil Rewers captured the popular Networking & Graduate Question Time.  In this piece, our former students share their experiences about where’s best to be based in the country for opportunities and the value in doing work experience.

Alumni Weekend | 13-15 June 2014 | University of Lincoln | Free for all graduates, family and their friends | See more details here |

See the MtG 2014 clip ‘Where Are Alumni Now?’ on a previous post.

Meet the Graduates 2014 | Where Are They Now?

20-years-media-graduates-logoWe’ve a series of clips this week from Meet the Graduates 2014. In the first piece you can find out where some of our alumni are now. Head of Lincoln School of Media, Sarah Barrow, officially introduced MtG 2014. It was a special occasion because it was one of the School’s event to mark 20 years of media at the University of Lincoln.  Meet the Grads was bigger than ever. Over 30 alumni attended (see who we spotted, names are below the video) the networking event between our students and graduates. Many thanks to you all for making, and marking, MtG 2014!

Alumni Stuart Lutes (Class of 2001), Adam Verity (Class of 2002), Zoe Easey (Class of 2007), Phil Stevens (Class of 2010), Holly Smith (class of 2010) and Stephen Bernard (Class of 2013) were on ‘Graduate Question Time’. LSM’s student crew, via New Media Lincs, Year 2 Rory McCarney, Year 3 Kirsty Gibson and Kamil Rewers captured the popular Networking & Graduate Question Time.

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Be part of ‘The Banks Endeavour’ film project – IndieGoGo

Sir JosephBanks-Endeavour_IndieGoGo_May2014LSM Senior Lecturer Chris Hainstock has an update about ‘The Banks Endeavour’ to bring Sir Joseph Banks to life in film.  The project is spearheaded by our 2010 graduates, Philip Stevens and Sam Wardhan, at Red Dog Film and its crowdfunding campaign to raise £100,000 starts TODAY!  Red Dog Film: “Our Joseph Banks film will tell the story of this remarkable Lincolnshire man who was the President of the Royal Society for more than 40 years, who took part on the famous first European voyage to Australia with Captain Cook and was the most pre-eminent British scientist of the late eighteenth century, but who remains relatively unknown in the UK today.  We really appreciate your interest in our film project, and we would like to invite you to become part of this exciting opportunity to tell this extraordinary man’s extraordinary story, you can find out more here.  Chris said:

A private event hosted by the Sir Joseph Banks Society at The Collection this evening marked the end of the exhibition that Sir David Attenborough opened back in February.  The team behind the film along with the Sir Joseph Banks Society launched the crowd funding campaign for the Banks Endeavour project tonight. With Sir David Attenborough and other respected experts, the film will be a ‘featured’ IndieGoGo project, and this fundraising site has started promoting it already.  I have now edited a short fund-raising film, to support the project:

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Short ‘Sir Joseph Banks – Endeavour’ with David Attenborough

David-Attenborough_RedDogFilmPhil Stevens, LSM’s 2010 graduate and one of our media mentors, is a film director & co-runs Red Dog Film with another LSM 2010 alumnus Sam Wardhan.  Red Dog Film said “we were lucky enough to be able to record a short interview with Sir David Attenborough when he came to Lincoln to open the Sir Joseph Banks exhibition at The Collection on 14th February. The interview will form part of the interactive website & film that the company is making with StrikeMedia, funded in part by the Heritage Lottery Fund.” The short called ‘Sir Joseph Banks – Endeavour’ had LSM graduates, students and staff (see credits below) working on it. The film’s about the life and legacy of the British botanist, explorer, naturalist and High Sheriff of Lincolnshire who has been hailed as ‘one of the great men of his age’. According to the Natural History Museum, Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820) was long-time President of The Royal Society who “steered the course of British science for the first part of the 19th century”.  In honour of Banks, the University of Lincoln will be re-naming a building, as part of its Science and Innovation park development, the ‘Joseph Banks Laboratories‘. The filmmakers describe their short doco as a ‘unique insight into the journey of one of science’s greatest unsung heroes’. Continue reading