Free Film! LSM 2009 Graduate Michael Henry’s Message for You …

… Just to let you know we’re letting everyone watch our last feature film ‘NARCISSIST’ for FREE between now and January 1st 2014. Happy New Year!

Latest from LSM Graduate Michael Henry (who’ll be a media mentor)

MichaelHenry_FLAT_posterOur 2009 alumnus Michael Henry is a passionate indie filmmaker and the founder of Quandary Productions. He’s also kindly signed up to be one of LSM’s industry mentors for 2014.

‘FLAT’ is the latest short film (a comedy with a female-led cast), which Mike is the Producer and Director of Photography.

“I fully intend to lose my mind when we make our next feature film TIME AND PLACE.” Find out why when you read the latest post on Mike’s blog. Shoot starts on 14 January.  Continue reading

Quandary Productions Welcome Two New Interns from LSM

Quandary Productions Creative Internship Programme have selected two new interns to join its team – and they’ve both come from the Lincoln School of Media. Congratulations to Sarah Worcester a 2nd year student and Liam Gilroy a recent media production graduate.

Michael_HenryMichael Henry, founder of Quandary Productions and our 2009 graduate, said: “Sarah and Liam will be assisting us on weekly creative briefs, as well as working as Production Assistants during our future short and feature films – including ‘TIME AND PLACE’. We can’t wait to start working with them. We’ll keep you updated on their progress.” Continue reading

Paid Opportunity: Creative Internships at Quandary Productions

LSM 2009 graduate Michael Henry, founder of Quandary Productions said:

Michael_HenryWe’re offering two lucky individuals the opportunity to make some extra cash, gain experience with a local (Lincoln-based) production company, and work with brands as diverse as LEGO, LYNX, PRINGLES, and GILLETTE. Interns will also get to work with us on our next feature film ‘TIME AND PLACE‘ (shooting will be from January to March 2014).

Our Creative Internship Programme is flexible to allow students to work around studies, and graduates to work around other forms of employment. Pay is variable dependent on how much work each individual puts in, and the performance of the two chosen individuals, who will have the opportunity to work together on briefs or alone.  Here’s how it works:  Continue reading

Michael Henry’s crowdfunding for his next film

From 2009 LSM graduate Michael Henry, indie filmmaker and founder of Quandary Productions:  Please spread the word about crowdfunding for our next feature. ‘TIME AND PLACE’? will be a low-budget epic in which one man has to come to terms with the consequences of his actions, knowing that some day all that surrounds him will cease to exist. Time collapses, things lose their meaning, and moral boundaries seem absurd. Here’s the trailer. 

Darren Scales learns about scoring his film

Darren Scales has been working on his sci-fi epic “The Drift” since August 2011, and the movie is now in post production, scheduled for a Christmas 2013 release. He’s recently been working on the original musical score. As well as producing this low budget movie, Darren (who describes himself as the executive bully,) has regularly updated his production video diary “Driftcasts”. Here’s the latest episode, in which Darren meets with James the Score, composer for THE DRIFT, and asks him what it takes to write a score:

THE DRIFT is Backyard Productions’ latest venture. A completely original Sci Fi adventure set 100 years from now… Continue reading

Meet the LSM Graduates with their Top Tips

Meet the Graduates (MtG) is always a highlight at the Lincoln School of Media.  Katie Martin, class of 2012, captured our alumni at this year’s networking event between graduates and students. Katie’s just finished an internship at the Uni and now she’s landed a staff job here as Social Media Officer – many congrats. This is her vox/pop on tips graduates would give to our third year students. It’s a timely piece as the next generation of our creatives leave the LSM, so listen up and good luck!

Final year students, we look forward to seeing your stories here so please keep us posted on what you’re up to!  Of course you’ll be invited to our next Meet the Graduates, but for now the buzz of this year’s is still with us. Continue reading

Free Film Screening this Wednesday 3rd April 2013

From 2009 graduate and indie filmmaker Michael Henry:

I’m holding a free public screening of my latest feature film ‘NARCISSIST’ THIS Wednesday.  Staff and students are obviously cordially invited to the screening.  If you can’t make it yourself, please feel free to spread the word!   Here are the details:  7.30pm, FREE ENTRY to the CO-OP Lecture Theatre, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool campus.

Meet the Freelancers – a personal view

Follow JordanI did wonder why LSM graduate Jordan Livermore left his first job in 3D film, to launch himself as a runner. I‘m beginning to understand now, having gone along to “Meet the Freelancers”, an event suggested and organised by Jordan, hosted by the LSM.

Jordan’s idea was to pass on the wisdom and experiences of fellow freelancers Nick Cramp, James Gurden, Jude Winstanley and Andy Devonshire, as well as to give his own take on the business. Together they did just that. Jordan started with this:

Continue reading