UNTITLED Independent Film Night by Quandary Productions

2009 alumnus Michael Henry is one of our inspirational media mentors and has posted about Quandary Productions first indie film night, last week, at The Angel Coffee House in Lincoln (UK):  


Hosted by Quandary’s very own Tom Bridger, the night was a chance for low-to-no budget short films to be showcased to fresh audiences. When first starting out as a filmmaker it can be hard to get your work shown. This is something we appreciated and wish to remedy within the local area. The night consisted of several short films continue reading →

Photos on FB  |  Submit your short for September’s indie film night. Email: quandaryproductions@googlemail.com  |

Richard McCormack, Class of 2009 | Red Bee Media’s BBC Four Doco

RedBeeMedia_logoI’m a graduate of 2009 and I work as a creative for Red Bee Media. It makes content, promos and designs branding for a range of clients. However Red Bee is probably most well known in the industry as being the BBC’s creative agency. You know the swimming hippos on BBC1? Red Bee did that. However this post isn’t so much about me; rather it’s about my creative director, his co-producer and a ten year project. It turned into a documentary ‘100 seconds to beat the world: The David Rudisha Story’, which is a co-production with Hill Ten film. The doco will be on-air 22 July at 10pm on BBC Four. Here’s the trail.

A decade ago Jim and Ed set out to make a documentary about Brother Colm, an enigmatic Irish teacher who has also coached many of Kenya’s most celebrated athletics including Wilson Kipketer, Matthew Birir and Peter Rono. Jim and Ed wanted to discover why a man without any professional training or athletic experience had managed to consistently develop gold medal winning athletes. However on 9th August 2012 the subject of the documentary changed, when David Rudisha ran the fastest 800 metres in history and took gold at the London Olympics. Jim and Edward looked back at their rushes and realised they had a range of footage and stills of David as a shy teenager developing into an athlete. So the documentary was refocused on David.

I came on board over the last year or so when Jim asked me to film an interview with Lord Seb Coe for the documentary. One bleak Tuesday morning, I met Jim outside Coe’s offices in Victoria armed with a Canon 5D, a Canon XF305 and a bed sheet for a backdrop (which Jim had spent thirty minutes the night before ironing). Continue reading

Ashley Knight on the University of Lincoln’s Alumni Weekend 2014

AshKnight_2009GradLSM 2009 alumnus Ash Knight is a media producer and director of Knightvisions Productions (KVP). It’s a video production indie and Ash said “I’m developing the focus of KVP”, which he’ll update us on later this year. Meanwhile, here’s his review of the University of Lincoln’s first alumni weekend.  Ash writes he had the opportunity to visit the old department where I actually gained my Media Production degree. The advancements in there certainly show why Lincoln School of Media is currently first in the country out of all HE Media Departments. 

copyright Ash-Knight_Waterfront Festival & Fireworks 2014 (Lincoln)

(c) KVP 2014

What a great success for the first Alumni Weekend for University of Lincoln. A big thank you to all those that made it happen and commiserations to those that were unable to make it. This was the University’s first attempt at holding such an event and an amazing time was had by all of those that attended. I heard no rumblings of disappointment by any of the alumni and who could be disappointed when you see some of the great activities and events that were scheduled. Continue reading here and see more photos.

The alumni team is keen to hear your thoughts about the Alumni Weekend 2014 and also what you would like to see at future alumni weekend events. See here to feedback. Thanks!

Class of 2009, Michael Henry | ‘Time and Place’ Trailer

Michael Henry_2009GradPassionate filmmaker Michael Henry set up Quandary Productions. He said members of the indie production team strive to make both short and feature films of a professional quality, on the slimmest of budgets.” The latest ‘low budget epic film’ is called a Time and Place, which is due to be screened in October 2014.  In the meantime, Mike said you can see the official trailer:

We’ve finally been able to release the Official Trailer to the film, which we feel captures the tone of the intense dramatic moments and the surreal comedic moments. So far, feedback is looking great, with a lot of people eager to watch the film upon release.

‘TIME AND PLACE’ is our fifth feature film. Having crowdfunded nine months ago, shooting wrapped in March this year, and we are currently working on Post-Production. Continue reading

Meet the Graduates 2014 | Where Are They Now?

20-years-media-graduates-logoWe’ve a series of clips this week from Meet the Graduates 2014. In the first piece you can find out where some of our alumni are now. Head of Lincoln School of Media, Sarah Barrow, officially introduced MtG 2014. It was a special occasion because it was one of the School’s event to mark 20 years of media at the University of Lincoln.  Meet the Grads was bigger than ever. Over 30 alumni attended (see who we spotted, names are below the video) the networking event between our students and graduates. Many thanks to you all for making, and marking, MtG 2014!

Alumni Stuart Lutes (Class of 2001), Adam Verity (Class of 2002), Zoe Easey (Class of 2007), Phil Stevens (Class of 2010), Holly Smith (class of 2010) and Stephen Bernard (Class of 2013) were on ‘Graduate Question Time’. LSM’s student crew, via New Media Lincs, Year 2 Rory McCarney, Year 3 Kirsty Gibson and Kamil Rewers captured the popular Networking & Graduate Question Time.

Continue reading

Media Graduate & Freelance Cameraman Daniel Bowring

daniel-bowring_media-technology_2009grad2009 Media Technology alumnus Daniel Bowring works as a freelance camera operator and assistant for productions working with Bear Grylls to Freddie Flintoff.  He feels that working as a runner laid the foundations for his future career: “You really have to be prepared to start at the bottom in this industry, I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to be a cameraman to start off working in a camera facilities company. You’ll learn a lot and they’ll still keep hiring you freelance after you’ve left.”  The University’s alumni team caught up with Dan about flying the world:

Daniel’s work has recently been featured on the ‘Mountains’ episode of Bear Grylls’ Escape From Hell, where he filmed the survival expert perform stunts and survival techniques across the Dolomites mountain range in north-eastern Italy. He said: “It was great filming. Bear’s a really nice guy. It’s a lot of pressure though, he wouldn’t particularly want to jump down a Mountain into icy water more than once so, you really had to try to get everything perfect on the first take.” Continue reading

Students Don’t Miss! Meet LSM Grads in EMMTEC 2-5pm Today

Happy Days! Snapshots of some of our alumni for this afternoon’s ‘Meet The Graduates’. It is LSM’s annual networking event between our grads and students. Thirty alumni from the creative industry and media-related areas are looking forward to seeing students in EMMTEC. Have your questions ready for the Q&A at 2pm. Then have an informal chat (over a cuppa!) from 4pm to share experiences.

Meet LSM Graduate: Indie filmmaker Mike Henry, Class of 2009

Michael Henry_shooting Time&Place_Feb2014Currently shooting ‘Time and Place’ and here’s an extract from Quandary Productions online journal, which Mike posted yesterday (and he’ll be at LSM for our new Mentoring pilot and ‘Meet the Graduates‘ THIS Wednesday):

We’ve passed the half way point of the film now and it looks like the only major problem we could have with upcoming shoot dates is the weather. Our eleventh day was a bit of an odd one (even by our standards). We started off by shooting a quick few shots, which required Shaun Woodgates to cover his face in flour and lie face down in a field (he’s an incredibly dedicated chap so we knew we could rely on him). After laying, surrounded by several mounds of horse dung (and battling the extreme wind), we headed to Charles Cromwell’s house to finish off his remaining scenes. Continue reading … 

Graduate Michael Henry on his first day shoot on ‘Time and Place’

Michael henry_dayone_time&placeLSM’s 2009 alumnus and indie film-maker Michael Henry’s been shooting ‘TIME AND PLACE’ this week. He said: “the footage is looking great so far. We’ve really upped our visual game and I cannot wait to show everyone the finished film.” He’s been reflecting on day one’s shoot:

It was an unusual change of pace for us, as we usually film so swiftly. We decided before the shoot to take our time and really push the visual quality of the film. Spending longer (it took an hour and a half to shoot one shot) on each take. and scene, has made the shoot a little less enjoyable than other productions we’ve worked together on. Perhaps it’s because we’ve only really shot parts which emphasise the serious tone so far, or perhaps I need to cheer up, be more patient and enjoy the small moments as they come. One thing’s for sure, we are all looking forward to getting stuck into the more dialogue-heavy, meatier scenes as opposed to the shot-to-shot moments we’ve done so far. Continue reading

NEW for 2014! Student Mentoring by Industry Professionals

Jordan-et-alLSM’s 2009 alumnus Jordan Livermore has kindly volunteered to be one of our industry mentors for our new mentoring initiative, which will pilot in the New Year. Student mentee places are limited (to 20) for our final and second year students, so sign up ASAP! More details are on the Blackboard announcement sent out from Sarah Barrow with the registration form. Sign up via email to the School’s administrator Louise Lawlor.  

Jordan’s also working on student work experience opportunities between the Lincoln School of Media and his TV connections, again thank you to him. So watch this blog!