Review: In Conversation with Tomska (11.12.13)

Our 2011 Graduate Tom Ridgewell’s talk was captured by Lincoln School of Media. Images are from Senior Lecturer Chris Hainstock and a personal account on Tom’s evening lecture is by Lecturer Martyn Thayne:

TomSka_talk 1_11.12.13_fromCHTom ‘Tomska’ Ridgewell returned to Lincoln (11 Dec) to give a brilliant talk to a packed EMMTEC audience, offering some great advice for LSM alumni, prospective graduates and budding YouTube stars of the future. The talk provided a brief snapshot of Tom’s illustrious career to date, highlighting some of the highs and lows on his journey to world domination.  Tom is officially ranked within the top 200 YouTubers in the world with over 2.4 million subscribers, whilst his videos have gained over a staggering 450,000,000 views. During the talk Tom reflected on his experiences since leaving the University of Lincoln, offering an insight into how to become a successful YouTube video producer: Get yourself a crew | Take advantage | Be rubbish | Take jobs | Do the thing | Don’t panic  Continue reading

11.12.13 Open Day and LSM Graduate Tom Ridgewell ‘TomSka’

TomSkaLSM’s 2011 Graduate Tom Ridgewell has been on campus for today’s Open Day and this evening, in EMMTEC, he’ll be doing a free public talk ‘In Conversation with …”

TomSka has a global following on his YouTube channel with his cartoons, irreverent sketches and short films.  Tom was selected by YouTube as a guest host for its ‘Geek Week’ series last August. He’s also been featured on the cover of Wired Magazine in February 2013 as part of a feature called ‘How YouTube Reinvented the Entertainment Business.’

Here’re snapshots from today …

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Project:Library part 1. Web series by LSM Graduates and YouTubers

Project:Library is a 4-part web series created by some of our media graduates – Jack Howard, Tom Ridgewell & starring Daniel J. Layton – who’re YouTubers. Here’s Episode 1 on TimH’s YouTube channel.

LSM alumni YouTubers: Jack Howard, Daniel J Layton, Tom ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell

Stephen Young on staff at LSM

BA & MA LSM Graduate

BA & MA LSM Graduate

Congratulations to Steve for getting the job of Media Technician (video production) with us.  Since his MA in Media Production he’s been freelancing. On and off he worked at the LSM from a learning adviser to editing the collaborative MACE/LSM project ‘Midlands on Film‘ series.

Head of LSM Sarah Barrow: “There were a lot of strong applicants, but our graduate Stephen Young stood out.” He’s only just started – say hello if you see him – and watch this blog for his update on landing a staff job …

TomSka runs YouTube for a day

LSM graduate Tom Ridgewell, alias TomSka – was selected as one of only seven individuals from the entire YouTube community to curate the site for a day, as part of a global online event celebrating all things science fiction, comics and gaming.

“Geek Week” is YouTube’s second themed content strand following the recent “Comedy Week”, and Tom, who has over two million subscribers on YouTube, was invited to launch the event. Continue reading

Meet the LSM Graduates with their Top Tips

Meet the Graduates (MtG) is always a highlight at the Lincoln School of Media.  Katie Martin, class of 2012, captured our alumni at this year’s networking event between graduates and students. Katie’s just finished an internship at the Uni and now she’s landed a staff job here as Social Media Officer – many congrats. This is her vox/pop on tips graduates would give to our third year students. It’s a timely piece as the next generation of our creatives leave the LSM, so listen up and good luck!

Final year students, we look forward to seeing your stories here so please keep us posted on what you’re up to!  Of course you’ll be invited to our next Meet the Graduates, but for now the buzz of this year’s is still with us. Continue reading


Meet the Graduates (MtG) is always a highlight at the Lincoln School of Media and this year’s networking event between graduates and students was no exception. As our third year students are on the verge of graduating (good luck), our alumni were asked what they missed most about being a student? Katie Martin, who graduated last year, captured frank and funny answers from alumni talking about their love of Lincoln and that student lifestyle …

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TomSka on TV about YouTube

Tom Ridgewell TomSkaLSM graduate Thomas Ridgewell (a.k.a TomSka) is a digital media producer and he creates content on YouTube. The video sharing site has just celebrated its eighth birthday (23rd April) and TomSka talked on Sky News about his YT work.

Tom started his YouTube channel when he was a second year LSM undergraduate and now he’s listed as a successful British YouTube creator. TomSka is in the top twenty of the most popular online video bloggers on YouTube UK, as we posted earlier this month, along with his fellow LSM Graduate Chris Bingham.  You can see the top twenty list online in the Guardian/ the Observer.

LSM graduates in the UK top 20 video bloggers

LSM graduates and Youtube stars Chris Bingham (SLOMOZOVO) and Tom Ridgewell (TOMSKA) have been included in Britain’s 20 most popular online video bloggers, both on the Guardian website and in the Observer on Sunday.

Chris and Tom are listed as “……alumni of the well-regarded School of Media at Lincoln University‘. Continue reading

Thomas Morris, class of 2011

As soon as I graduated in 2011 with a BA (Hons) in Media Production I applied for a Master in Historical Studies at the University of Lincoln. I have always been passionate about History and it is my dream job to produce Historical documentaries. By doing this course I have been able to develop my skills which will be important for creating documentaries and other historical products. Since graduating I have gained experience working with the BBC on their BBC 2 show Flog It! This has provided me with valuable experience and has presented possible networking opportunities for when I finish my Masters course.

Thomas’s blog.