Emily Cowlishaw, Class of 2014 | I’m starting my Master’s degree!

Emily-Cowlishaw_gradpicIt’s not rejection it’s motivation! The most unrealistic thing I thought would ever happen to me is about to begin… I am starting my Master’s Degree! Three years ago I was worrying if I had even made the grades to get into University (see my previous blog post for this journey!) and now I am sitting here with a First Class Honours degree and a scholarship to study for my Master’s.  [P.S Graduation was absolutely beautiful… as you can imagine! Here’s a selfie of my in utter shock I actually got through it all.]

What?! When did this all happen?  This story genuinely begins back in Level One Media Production where I applied to be a part of the Moorhead Exchange programme the University has with America at MSUM. I worked full time prior to University alongside my A Levels to fund this potential trip (I like to plan ahead!). I went into the interview as a shy and lazy fresher. I came out upset and angry at the prospect that I had not done enough, as there were limited spaces and a high number of applicants. And I was absolutely correct. That trip was not to be. Continue reading

Why don’t U ‘n’ I have a chat about Uni? | From Emily Cowlishaw

So that’s it.  I have completed my final days as an Undergraduate College Ambassador for the LSM – now the Lincoln School of Film & Media (LSFM). After a two year run doing the best job* ever, it unfortunately has to come to an end, along with my degree and experience here at Lincoln. (*Not really a job. It’s a pleasure!) I’ve posted this as A level results have come out and the Clearing process is underway. Clearing Hotline here is 01522 88 66 22.

During my time as a Media Ambassador, I often get asked about my own experience getting into University, the University experience itself and being a part of the School from perspective students.  So I’ve decided that sharing this experience would be a fantastic opening of mine to the School’s blog.

Emily-Cowlishaw_age3Screen ShotThis is me, aged 3. This is the age I allegedly told my mum “When I grow up I want to go to ‘Univbersitcity’”. (That’s University in 3 years old speak!) Yep, cute I know. And yep, I look older here than I do now aged 21…  Nobody in my family had ever attended University, yet it was always something I wanted to do. Why was that? I have no idea. But honestly, in my mind, it was the best decision I ever made and greatest challenge to set myself. Go 3-year-old Emily!

Learn from my mistakes – My advice on selecting the right University and Course!  From that point, I worked extremely hard in school. I’m not going to bore you with my life story (although it is quite exciting), but getting to University was not the smoothest of rides. In Year 9, I had to leave my high school due to its closure because of lack of student intake. I moved to a brand new school where I did not know one single person, daunting! Thankfully, I got through it and settled in very nicely, but it was a very scary time, much like the start of University. Continue reading