Meet the LSM Graduates with their Top Tips

Meet the Graduates (MtG) is always a highlight at the Lincoln School of Media.  Katie Martin, class of 2012, captured our alumni at this year’s networking event between graduates and students. Katie’s just finished an internship at the Uni and now she’s landed a staff job here as Social Media Officer – many congrats. This is her vox/pop on tips graduates would give to our third year students. It’s a timely piece as the next generation of our creatives leave the LSM, so listen up and good luck!

Final year students, we look forward to seeing your stories here so please keep us posted on what you’re up to!  Of course you’ll be invited to our next Meet the Graduates, but for now the buzz of this year’s is still with us.

Bird's eye view: Graduate Question Time

Bird’s eye view: Graduate Question Time

MtG 2013 was introduced by Sarah Barrow, Head of the Lincoln School of Media. The event featured Informal networking and a Graduate Question Time, which wasn’t rose tinted views, but honest realistic perspectives. Graduates talked openly about their experiences in looking for work and pursuing their passions. They even agreed that tutors are humans with experience and lots to offer!

The Graduate Question Time was hosted by LSM 2009 graduate Jordan Livermore. On the panel were 2010 graduate Hansa Dabee, Broadcast Assistant at BBC local radio; 2006 graduate Jimmy Gregory, graphic designer; 2010 graduate Steph Grove, Content Marketing Executive; 2005 graduate KJ, App Developer; and 2005 graduate Mark Williams, runs his own audio production company. Unfortunately 2004 graduate James Sharpe was called up to work at the last minute – as is so often the case when you’re a freelancer (director and writer).

Trending was to use social media platforms, get business cards and set up your own blog to showcase your work. Other talking points were: A Media Production degree allows you to demonstrate a massive range of transferable skills… Don’t be fixated on grades but work hard in all areas… You will never stop learning after university – in the industry you get paid to learn… Social media is really valuable for making connections, but there’s a fine line between following and stalking! …Be yourself and confident in what you want to do… Feedback is invaluable…. Expect constructive criticism all the time in the industry!

2006 Graduate Jimmy Gregory (left) & student

2006 Graduate Jimmy Gregory (left) & LSM student

The Informal networking was a chance for a one-to-one chat between student and graduate. MtG 2013 was captured by 2nd year students, as well as graduates. You’ll see updates here – so watch this space! – and at #meetthegrads. In the meantime, you can take a look at the images from the event below.

Lincoln School of Media’s thanks to all alumni who were able to be at MtG 2013: 2008 graduate Sam Kirk, Presenter Lincs FM. 2007 graduate David Clancy, Multimedia Producer. 2010 graduate Steve Young, Freelance Filmmaker and Producer. 2011 graduate Laurence Whitaker, BBC local radio. 2012 graduate Katie Martin, Web Intern. 2010 graduate Scott Farrow, NHS Video Producer. 2007 graduate Dani Moseley, TV & Theatre Actress. 2007 graduates Zoe Easy and Will King, Co-founders epixmedia.

4 thoughts on “Meet the LSM Graduates with their Top Tips

  1. WOW! I feel like KJ said it ALL lol

    Again thank you to all the Alumni team for making the day possible & bringing us all together and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Katie on your work and your new position. VERY well deserved and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

    I’m more of a ‘in the moment’ kind of person when it comes to advice, so if anyone has any questions or wants advice on something I’m MORE than happy to answer where I can, just hit me up on twitter Dani_Moseley

    • Thanks Dani! Was great to meet you and thanks for the awesome interview answers. Will be sure to give you a follow on Twitter!

  2. No problem Sarah – really enjoyed filming and chatting to everyone, it was a great event and really worthwhile. Definitely interesting to see what fellow Media graduates are up to!

    Thanks KJ, really appreciate it! Keep in touch.

  3. Many thanks to all our graduates for giving up time to return for this special annual event. And thanks so much to Katie for creating this top tips video – some invaluable advice here.

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