Katie Martin, Class of 2012

Katie MartinHi! I’m Katie, a Media Production graduate. I’m currently working as a Web and Multimedia Intern for the University’s Marketing department…which is definitely not the route I imagined my career taking! Throughout my degree I only ever wanted to go into film, but after finishing my course in May 2012 I was faced with unemployment (or staying in my part-time retail job) along with many other graduates.

I applied for various roles and internships across the country and found my current internship on the University’s job siteIt wasn’t exactly the field I wanted to go into, but it did sound interesting and challenging.

A few weeks after settling into my new role I really began to enjoy it. It wasn’t film, but it did incorporate my filming and editing skills in small projects including filming interviews with graduates, talking heads and a video campaign for a new volunteer scheme. Alongside this, a main duty has been updating, monitoring and developing the main social media sites for the University including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and introducing Pinterest. I’ve found this particularly interesting and seem to have acquired an avid interest in digital marketing. I’ve helped to grow the social media presence, introduced new ideas and aided conversion in the Marketing department.

My internship also revolves largely around the web – updating the website, creating new content, editing content, adding webpages and general maintenance. From this I’ve learnt a huge amount about content management systems, some HTML and SEO. I’ve also dabbled in some event photography, picture editing, helping with communications campaigns and training staff on social media.

My internship finishes in just over a month (argh!) so out I go into the big, wide world. I’d strongly encourage students and graduates to take a look at the University’s internships – you learn so much and get given a huge amount of valuable training. I asked to be more involved in the PR side of things so have spent time working with the Press team, writing news articles and press releases too. You also get paid!  Don’t believe all the rumours about internships. I’ve not been made to do the filing and I only make tea because I want to – not because I’ve become the departmental tea lady! I’ve been given so many projects and opportunities, and I’ve been challenged with real life situations, work and responsibilities.

It might not be the route you’re intending to go down, but internships can be a great stepping stone into your career. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past 10 months in my role and it’s allowed me to discover my passion and love for digital marketing (I’ve basically become a right digi-geek. But hey, I’m okay with that).  If you’re now feeling curious about the University’s internships, check them out. Feel free to have a gander at my online portfolio to see the projects I’ve been working on or find me on Twitter for techy ramblings and a chat.