Lincoln Inspired, May 7 – 11

From the festival organisers: “Lincoln Inspired was ‘born’ in March 2012 when a group of like-minded souls who had worked on arts events in and around the city got together in a pub on the Brayford and shared their visions for a great new festival. Well this is it then. We’re ready to launch. We’ve created a festival, a full programme, one that has something for everyone!” Download the programme from the Festval website.

Among a variety of live events, there’s a lot to interest Radio fans:

On day one you can listen to War of the Worlds, the original radio play by Orson Welles that made America think the Martians really had landed, and two episodes of the seminal Mighty Boosh. Both sessions are free:

War of the Worlds: 11am & 3pm – Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

The Mighty Boosh: 1pm  –  Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

On Thursday May 9 you can catch up with Hancock: The Lost Radio Episodes –
11am and 3pm Lincoln Performing Arts Centre