LSM New Media Social Enterprise

The Lincoln School of Media is setting up a New Media Social Enterprise to enable LSM students to work collaboratively with local businesses, organisations, charities, schools and community groups to provide them with media support and you with networking opportunities, creative commissions and the chance to develop your business skills. This Social Enterprise is being co-ordinated by LSM graduate of MA Digital Imaging and Photography Hazel Donnelly. Hazel will oversee logistical, financial, H&S, ethical and IP issues. THE GEMINI PROJECT is the first project for our Social Enterprise and we need two fantastic students to get on board really soon. If you are interested can you please contact Hazel directly and she will give you more details. Hazel Donnelly,  Project Co-ordinator,

The ‘Gemini Project’ has been set up by staff and users of the NHS Recovery Services who are about to create various mosaic panels and patio circles in two courtyards. They have requested that a film recording the journey of this work is recorded not just to show the work completed but also how creative projects can be extremely beneficial to the recovery of people with mental health issues.

We are looking for a couple of students to help make a 10 minute (max) film for the NHS. It should be a really enjoyable experience which will involve filming the creation of a mosaic project that is being produced in a courtyard of one of their buildings on the outskirts of Lincoln.  Filming is due to begin on Thursday 11th April! The film will be shown at a presentation ceremony and may also be shown at the National Health Conference later in the year. It is also PAID work with a fee and all expenses covered.