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Impact Universal
Been MEGA busy, what with the job, drama school and now setting up my events company and getting funding and doing proposals and research for projects.

So I’m doing a Theatre In Education tour with a company called Impact Universal. I’m touring secondary schools around Merseyside in Liverpool, doing a 40min show to yr10 about further education. This is followed by a 40min workshop, with a smaller group to go over the points covered in the show
It’s called HE4ALL.

Dani on stage

Dani on stage

I work and live with two other guys in Liverpool Wallasey during the week and come home every weekend for Drama school on Saturday. TIRING!!!! lol

Basically I play the main character of 14yr Sal, who hangs out with her mates Jim and Bez and its ‘thinking about the future time’ so we meet them and their home life and then follow them on a university visit and see how they progress through the play, with all the information they find out.

Dani gives her speech

Dani gives her speech

In total I play 6different characters
– Sal (main)
– Jim’s Mum
– Bez’s Mum
– Claire: Aim Higher co-ordinator
– Anna: 2nd drama and English student
– Shell: 3rd yr sports science student

Lots of costume changes and 5 different accents for each character. HECTIC!!! lol but rewarding. I like it when you go in and the kids don’t seem bothered, but by the end they’re enjoying themselves, having a laugh and actually taking on board what we’re saying. It’s even more rewarding when we change their negative perceptions of uni and they actually consider the prospect of going, when they never thought it was possible before.

It also helps that I get on with the boys I work with. One owns his own shakespeare company and gets paid for writing scripts, whilst the other guy has been in the theatre business for over 15yrs and in November will be doing a play on Broadway in New York!!!

Missed out on a audition for a new BBC series coming out on BBC2, because of being away from London, but that’s the risk you have to take when doing acting jobs. I’m back down for half term, so hopefully I will have some to go to then.

Right off to research Beauty Pagents for a new event venture lol.

Dani's phone-in

Dani’s phone-in

Dani is highly motivated when looking for work, and now she takes rejections in her stride – part and parcel of job hunting.

We caught up with her on her mobile to update us since her ITV acting debut on The New Bill :

It’s ideal that Dani can combine her media skills with her acting talent for the Theatre in Education tour of secondary schools.

With the next cohort of Lincoln School of Media students on the home straight to graduation in a few months, Dani reflects on her final year studying media production and offers some advice:

Dani Moseley, class of 2007