Christopher Bingham – Great talk, great advice, great jacket

Bing on YoutubeBing is a graduate from a few years ago and a very successful YouTuber. He came to give a talk for level 2 digital media today and Martyn Thayne covered the session on Twitter.

The main points:

– To see Bing’s YouTube magic check out @slomozovo. The guy’s an entrepreneur, creating content left, right and centre!

– He’s been working on a time capsule project called ‘Past Bing / Future Bing’, a year in the life of Bing filmed from 2011 and 2012

– Advice: take advantage of the equipment whilst at Uni. Make content all the time, experiment and have fun

– Bing works on short form videos for YouTube – v.important: “focus on setting up characters very quickly” #breakfastwithbing

– He is planning on creating short form videos which add up to a longer story arcs.

– YouTube : ‘partnership program’ has enabled content creators to get a cut from advertising on videos and channels. YouTube partnerships give the motivation to create original content and work with other people with a wider skillset.

– Affiliated Channels provides funding for big/traditional brands to make content – rely on youtubers for advice with creating online content.

– Take advantage of opportunities, you may be valuable for big companies who wish to tap into your knowledge of audiences.

– Think about where your revenue streams come from. Take advantage of a number of different streams – don’t rely on ads alone

– Hard to make a living from YouTube – use it instead to learn your trade, network with other practitioners, learn transferable skills.

– YouTube = global audiences, instant feedback, room to experiment, network, gain regular followers, a launch board into whatever is next!

Bing on Youtube

Bing’s blog