Dani Moseley New Year Update

I managed to squeeze in another TV job before the year was out! lol

It’s a Kids’ TV prog called ‘Which is Witch’ and I play the character ‘Ava’ who is a witch and older sister to one of the main characters. It was filmed in Belgium (which was great as I’ve never been) and its all done in 3D with SFX. It was a really good experience. The cast are English and the crew are French! lol so it was interesting everything having to be relayed in French and then translated (if need be) The cast were all fun to work with. I’ve attached a couple pictures of me in character, along with another member of the main cast (who was actually in the BBC Three hit comedy series ‘Some Girls’)

Filming was fast yet efficient, as they film two episodes a week and everyone is lovely, yet hardworking, which is EXACTLY what you need for projects like that. Again the feedback for my performance was really good, so who knows, where that new contact could lead. I’m not entirely sure when it airs, but I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Next came the Hiype Productions play, “The Forty Elephants” in December. Again Nadine and I worked ourselves HARD to promote the play, having written, directed, starred in, funded, stage managed, EVERYTHING lol and as always it paid off! A week before the run we had already SOLD OUT our opening night and then it was like a domino effect after that, with each night selling out, before the day came. (Some people even came and stood to watch the performance lol)

Here is the trailer that helped A LOT when it came to promotion, thanks to ‘Nameless Vision’ (filming and editing) and JFlames and Ruinz Ason (Music and Sound production) The Forty Elephants official Trailer

photo 2_240w