Dani’s play is back

Hiype productions present….The Forty Elephants. After two successful runs at The Camden People’s Theatre in June 2011 and The Albany in Deptford in March 2012, The Forty Elephants is back by popular demand, for it’s third run.

Where: Platform Theatre, Hornsey Road Baths, 260 Hornsey Road, London, N7 7QT When: Wednesday Dec 12th – Saturday Dec 15th 2012 Time: 7:30pm Tickets: £10. Box Office No. 020 7689 4349

“Janelle, Holly, Mica, Sabrina, Dionne, Amber and Ruby are all a part of a street gang called ‘The Forty Elephants’. They rob, smoke, steal & wild out whenever possible. Janelle and Holly, are the main ring leaders, friends since primary school, both very self assured young women but despite the years of their friendship, jealousy often lurks beneath the surface as they fight for more status and power on the road which leads to some very serious consequences. It’s not just young men going wild on ‘road’, the girls are going on like the ‘mans dem’ tryna ‘woman up’ to claim status and rep.’’

“Not only does this play bring important messages to our future generations, it also has key things to say to everyone no matter what age or background” Jayne Wisener, Actress: Sweeny Todd, The Inbetweeners, Jane Eyre.

This is a piece of theatre that gives it’s audience a chance to be a fly on the wall, as they become caught up in the world of young girls involved in anti-social behaviour. This is a great production that is informative to both the old and the young and Hiype will be pushing for this to be made into a tv drama/film as the topic of girls and gangs needs to be discussed.”

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“The content of this piece is very important for many young girls in society to see and also the family. It will enable an honest discussion and will no doubt go a long way in changing lives.This is Theatre at its’ honest best”

Angie Le Mar, Actress, Comedian, Director: The Brothers, The Real McCoy. We look forward to seeing you. Dani Moseley.