Bristol Radical Film Festival

“With discontent spreading and new technologies allowing the ever greater expression of alternative voices, Bristol Radical Film Festival wants to showcase the best short films by individuals or collectives in the UK and further afield.” Details follow:

§ Entries are free and open to anybody

§ Running-times must not exceed 15 minutes

§ Selected films will be screened during the festival. Funding permitting, we would like to invite you to present your film at the festival

§ Screened films will be made available for viewing through the festival web page (and will remain available for one year unless requested otherwise)

§ Send submissions directly to the festival email account: or email us with a link to the film

§ Please submit an accompanying document with the film’s title, technical specifications and summary of the work, your name (or name of the collective) and an email address where you can be contacted if selected

§ The deadline for submissions is January 15th 2013