Meet the LSM Graduates

Meet the Graduates (MtG 2013), our networking event, was a good get together for students (and staff) to meet fifteen LSM’s alumni.  2012 graduate Katie Martin captured some of our alumni on the day and asked what they are doing?

Bird's eye view: Graduate Question Time

Bird’s eye view: Graduate Question Time

The Graduate Question Time was not rose tinted views, but honest realistic perspectives. Graduates talked frankly about their experiences in looking for work, pursuing their passions and reflecting on when they were students. They even agreed that tutors are humans with experience and lots to offer!  Trending was to use social media platforms, get business cards and set up your own blog now (students) to showcase your work. Other talking points …

…Media Production degree allows you to demonstrate a massive range of transferable skills… Don’t be fixated on grades but work hard in all areas… You will never stop learning after university –  in the industry you get paid to learn… Social media is really valuable for making connections, but there’s a fine line between following and stalking! …Be yourself and confident in what you want to do… Feedback is invaluable…. Expect constructive criticism all the time in the industry!

2006 Graduate Jimmy Gregory (left) & student

2006 Graduate Jimmy Gregory (left) & LSM student

Informal networking followed, which was a chance for a one-to-one chat between student and graduate.  MtG 2013 was captured by 2nd year students, as well as graduates. You’ll see updates here – so watch this space! – and at #meetthegrads.

MA Media Production graduate Steve Young said he was “feeling inspired by the graduates today” at MtG 2013, which was introduced by Sarah Barrow, Head of the Lincoln School of Media.

The Question Time was hosted by LSM 2009 graduate Jordan Livermore . On the panel were 2010 graduate Hansa Dabee, Broadcast Assistant at BBC local radio; 2006 graduate Jimmy Gregory, graphic designer; 2010 graduate Steph Grove, Content Marketing Executive; 2005 graduate KJ, App Developer; and 2005 graduate Mark who runs his own audio production company. Unfortunately 2004 graduate James Sharpe was called up to work at the last minute – as is so often the case when you’re a freelancer (director and writer). 

Lincoln School of Media’s thanks to all alumni who were able to be at MtG 2013. 2008 graduate Sam Kirk, Presenter Lincs FM. 2007 graduate David Clancy, Multimedia Producer.  2010 graduate Steve Young, Freelance Filmmaker and Producer.  2011 graduate Laurence Whitaker, BBC local radio.  2012 graduate Katie Martin, Web Intern. 2010 graduate Scott Farrow, NHS Video Producer.  2007 graduate Dani Moseley, TV & Theatre Actress. 2007 graduates Zoe Easy and Will King, Co-founders epixmedia.

10 thoughts on “Meet the LSM Graduates

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Apologies for the belated post….oops! I’ve been away in Manchester with The Prince’s Trust for the past few days and I’m just getting through my backlog of ‘things to do’

    It was great to be a part of the Graduate panel and an absolute pleasure to talk to some of the students that were present as well as a shame that I didn’t get a chance to chat to as many people as I wanted to. I just wanted to wish everyone, grads and students alike, the best of luck with their careers and don’t be afraid to try out new ideas and especially to make mistakes. It’s all part and parcel of developing as a graduate and it’s not something to be feared. No one can have the perfect game plan and no matter how much advice any of us could ever give, you’re bound to slip up along the way. Just learn from it and put it down to experience

    Stay in touch folks.

    • Sound, Jimmy. Feedback was to have more time between graduates and students, so you’re not alone. We’re looking at ways to further link alumni and undergraduates across the year (like the mentoring I mentioned) and in the LSM’s curriculum and other activities, so we’d welcome your ideas. I’m glad we’re on your ‘To Dos’! Looking forward to your story, and opportunities at your place, when you get a mo. Thanks.

  2. Thanks to all our graduates for giving up their valuable time to attend. You were an inspiration and it did not go unnoticed that you’ve achieved so much through hard work as well as talent and have taken something positive from all your experiences so far. It was really interesting to hear that several of you have set up your own businesses which are doing well already. The debate about how best to contact media professionals to ask for help was great. Non consensus on method (each circumstance is different) but everyone seemed to agree that all contacts should be polite, professional and spell-checked!!

    Hope to see you all again at LSM.

  3. It was great to see so many graduates attending this event and sharing their stories. It was especially interesting to see so many different opinions when it comes to contacting employers and WHICH social media to use.

    For any graduates who I didn’t get a chance to chat to I wanted to remind you of the services we offer at both Enterprise@Lincoln and Careers and Employability.

    The Careers and Employability service is still available to you as a graduate for up to three years. You can come along for a one to one guidance appointment, arrange a phone appointment or have advice over email.

    It was refreshing to see that so many graduates now own their own companies and are now in the position of the employer. As an employer you can engage with us in many different ways. Our internship scheme can provide you with a small portion of the financial funding in order to take on a new employee, which is excellent for SME who may have never employed someone. We are also always keen to get graduates in for employer talks, our annual careers fair and mentoring schemes. More information on this can be seen on our website

    In addition to this, our incubation unit Sparkhouse can offer cheap tenancy for new businesses. This can either be virtual or physical. They also run an Enterpriseinc scheme for recent graduates who haven’t started trading. For more information please see their website

    For any further queries about the services available please do get in touch with myself on

  4. Thanks for getting me involved R – it was a great event and I very much enjoyed filming everyone and seeing the things fellow graduates have gone onto!! Just wish I could’ve stayed for the networking afterwards!

    • It was good that you could come along, Katie, and thanks for capturing fellow LSM graduates. I look forward to your pieces after your few days’ break, and your post about your internship when you’ve got some time. Sure it’ll be a useful insight. I’ll watch this space!

  5. It was good to have your input, Mark, as each graduate experience is unique. Keep in touch.

  6. It was great to be a part of the panel for the event on Monday and also to chat with some students after to give some further advice. Well worth attending for both students and alumni

    • Totally understand, James, and it seemed that a good time was had by all. See tweets #meetthegrads and watch this space for capture from students and graduates. Keep us posted on you!

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