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Had a day of meetings and a uni catch up (With Staci Shuttleworth and Tamsin Nolan from my course) Always nice to catch up with the girlies and they’re both doing BRILLIANTLY in media. Staci has just been promoted to the head of scheduling team for channel 5 and Tamsin works either for sky sports or a sports channel/programmes like soccar am or something like that. Anyhoo!

Yes things are going really well!

So last time we were in touch I think I was suppose to be coming up to Alumni but had the Eastenders audition – which I got! Filming was AWESOME! and the set is a lot smaller in comparison to what you see on the screen lol. Not sure why that is! All the cast and crew were LOVELY! Esp had fun with the girl that played Lola and some of the extras (one of which we found out we kind of knew each other before because he was at the same convention I was where I got my first acting agent) The Massod guys in the show are HILARIOUS!!! so was gutted when my three day shoot was up! But the director really liked my work, so I was pleased with that! It aired on July 30th and if you type ‘Eastenders July 30th 2012’ it should come up on Youtube in two parts

I’ve started a comedy web series called ‘Brothers With No Game‘. I play the character of Simone. An afro centric woman who is burned by black guys going out with white women (as she was left by the love of her life for a white woman lol) the series as a whole is about four 20 something guys dealing with life and the dating scene. My character is Simone:

The series:

They have done a LOT of promo for this (Bang Radio, The Guardian etc) and the series is being received well all over the globe, so fingers crossed it will get commissioned for TV here or in America soon!

So this year I’ve been on ‘Doctors‘ ‘Eastenders‘ and now ‘Gates‘ on Sky living which I filmed last year. I played a character called Candy and I only ever said S’pose. It’s been on every Tuesday at 8:30pm and I was in the first two and last episode. Great fun!

I’ve also set up a production company called Hiype Productions [Helping Inspire Young People Evolve] and we’ve done REALLY well so far.

We’ve put on a theatre production called ‘The Forty Elephants’ (which was it’s second run) at The Albany Theatre in Deptford in March. It was a five night sell out show and so we’re putting it on again in Dec. Its a play written and director by myself and business partner Nadine Woodley and its aim was to bring awareness to young girls in gangs and how society can help, along with showing young ethnic males in a positive light, as the media likes to focus on all their wrong doings as oppose to all their achievements. We will be putting it on again this December, with workshops for schools, so I will send through the press release with more info. I have attached some pics from the last production

Through the success of this, we have worked with such companies as The ACLT – Afro Caribbean Leukemia Trust charity, helping young people becoming motivational speakers to their peers about organ donation and fund raising for C is for Cure, a charity that funds relaxation time for those young people who have gone through their treatment and been cured from cancer, but now need a break.

We also help Brothers With No Game production wise and stage managed for the production ‘Bracelets’ a play performed by those at The Sutara Academy of performing Arts (which Nadine and myself also had a role in, which was nice) We also have future projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned for that!

Lastly, I have decided to try my hand to catalogue modelling! I think that’s it for now! lol

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