Rhiannon Jones, class of 2011

After graduating with a degree in media production I took the usual route of trying to get as much experience as possible under my belt, in my chosen field of audio. I was fortunate enough to get land 5 different work experience placements across production facilities for Radio and Sound Post-Production for Film and TV.

These placements were brilliant for making contacts and seeing what life was like in the industry but I still struggled to get a fixed work placement for some months. I had to learn the hard way that persistence is everything when trying to get into an industry like the media and after many rejected phone calls and emails, I managed to find a company that were looking for a runner.

I finally got a job as a runner and technical assistant at Jumbuck Film & Television, an Audio Post Production house based in Soho that work on several major TV shows and Independent films. Like most industries, in TV you really have to start at the bottom, I spent 8 months, ‘doing my time’ as a runner and helping out with any technical jobs that came my way, until I was given the chance to start editing some Foley for an upcoming show. Now, I am a full time editor and am quickly building a CV of shows that I was worked on. I have now been Foley editor for: A BBC3 Sitcom due to be released called ‘Some Girls’, Upcoming ITV Comedy Drama ‘Great Night Out’ and am currently working on  ITV’s biggest drama commission of the year ‘Mr Selfridge’ . I have also just completed the Foley edit on my first feature film,  ‘Spike Island’  which will be premiering next month at the London Film Festival (due for general cinematic release next year).

I have a lot more exciting projects in the pipelines that I can’t wait to get started on! I am hoping that through this company and the people I meet I will be able to progress and have been told that with a bit more practice and experience I will be able to progress and work on Sound Effects editing, which is the direction I would love to go in, and then from there – who knows!