Ellie Cunningham, class of 2011

From Dylan Roys – a message from Ellie Cunningham who graduated last year. She has a documentary going out on Radio 1 next month.

“I sent the idea through an independent company to Radio 1, which was then shortlisted, and then after a month or so COMMISSIONED!

The idea is on the Hip Hop Collective, Odd Future.They are a collective making music, clothing, a skating division, illustrators, writers, they have a TV series and loads more – but mainly producing music! Overall there are about 14 musical members and many more on the fringe.

That was in December, and since then I have been contacting managers and PR to meet them.

To record, I visited their sold out Birmingham gig, and then to their London to their pop up shop and another show.

Then we went to LA (!!!) to carry out more recording! It was an amazing experience !! and now it is in the last few editing stages, and writing billings and such – and it will go out on 9th September!! Cannot wait to hear it go out! Very exciting!

Please give it a listen, and let me know what you think!?”




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  1. Great to hear news of this really well deserved success. Looking forward to listening to the doc. Sarah B

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