The Wellcome Trust and BFI’s screenwriting £20,000 prize

The Wellcome Trust in association with the BFI Film Fund has a major new annual screenwriting prize. It says “The Wellcome Trust Screenwriting Prize aims to encourage high-quality feature films inspired by biology and medicine, from genetics and infectious diseases to consciousness and mental health. The Prize is aimed at experienced writers working in any genre. We are not just looking for stories about scientists or medics; the biomedical link can be much more oblique.  We are looking for screenplay proposals that use bold ideas and inventive ways of weaving biomedicine into the narrative, and we will support the winner in developing their idea.”

Think about films where science and medicine have been inspirational to the overall narrative like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Blade Runner, Inception and Memento. Deadline for entries is 10th August 2012.  To find out more details and for an application form click here.