Dani Moseley New Year update 2012

My new episode of Doctors broadcasts on Monday, Feb 27th BBC1 @13:45, where I play 16yr old Hosanna, who has clashes with her god fearing mother.



ALSO The play ‘The Forty Elephants’ that I have co written and co directed will be up and running on March 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th, 28th at The Albany Theatre in Deptford.

I have attached an E flyer of the show. (Download below [Ed])  We did the first version of the play with 7characters, running at 40mins in June 2011 at The Camden People’s Theatre, then took it to a school in Brixton where that week the theme was ‘conflict’, and they LOVED it, as well as the teachers. AND NOW

We now have a cast of 14, running at 1hr: 15mins and our audience capacity has gone from a 60seater theatre to a 250 seater. This WHOLE process has been exhausting and scary at times, in terms of funding, marketing and organising but we are getting through the thick of it and hoping for this to get picked up by a producer, so that it can be turned into a TV series, in the same format that Top Boy was on Ch4.

Here are all the links to all our info:



Twitter: @thefortyelephants, @dani_moseley, @hiypeproduction

I’ve been put up for a few plays and TV shows, so just waiting to hear what’s in the pipeline.  This is the short version (It would literally be a novel if I wrote down EVERYTHING lol)



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