BBC Production Talent Pool 2012

From Rebecca Weaver:

I graduated from Lincoln in 2010.  In 2011 I was lucky enough to get onto the Vision Intake Pool scheme at the BBC (now known as the Production Talent Pool [Ed])

The scheme is coming up again and is open for applications on the 6th February 2012.  It’s also a little different this year with three categories to choose from, rather than two, these being: Runner, Production Management Assistant (TV) and Production Management Assistant (Radio).

It’s a tough process and there is no guarantee of a job if people get into the pool, but it’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants their first break in TV.  I’ve been lucky enough to get seven months work out of it so far working on two different shows and hoping to get something else very soon.

The web page went live yesterday, and you can apply online  here

The process to apply looks similar to what I went through.  It’s an initial application, then two online assesments (the second being the hardest test I’ve ever had to do!), followed by an interview and assesment day if you get that far.  I think when I applied it was December/January and I found out I got in, in about April.  A very long process but worth it if you get in.

Kind regards, Rebecca


4 thoughts on “BBC Production Talent Pool 2012

  1. This seems very intimidating. I’m 15 now and looking to go into college to study Level 3 BTEC Creative media production. What if I applied at 18 and half-way through got rejected? What would I do then? I’d be left with a qualification in creative media, without having anywhere I could go? Is there still other ways of getting a job in the BBC? Am I still able to apply for the pool again?

    • Dear Jared,

      Sorry, we can’t answer this, but I have posted your comment. Maybe one of our successful graduates will respond. Your chances are probably enhanced if you take a media production degree ( such as ours!), but I relaise that is now very expensive. You should really put your question to the BBC.

      Why the BBC? Plenty of other employers…………..

      regards, Peter Dewrance

  2. Hi Rebecca. I have an interview coming up in 2weeks. What sort of thing did you have to do in the group and individual tasks? x

    • Hey,

      That’s great! Good luck!

      I know it’s a bit different to what I went through, probably improved as it took about four months to finally decide who got in, with 2 online tests before an assessment & interview.

      I had a group task which lasted about 20-30 minutes and then an interview that probably only lasted 10 minutes, some candidates were in there for a good 30 minutes!

      The group task consisted of about 8 of us sat round a table while 3 people sat present and silent marking you. We had to act as a development team who had a brief of a new travel television show where we had to chose 3 places for each of the 3 programmes in the series. We had to take in factors such as entertainment, education but also budget. For example some of the locations included backpacking across austrailia, rodeo theme in the US and Butlins in the UK.
      We had a few minutes to make our decisions and make notes before discussing as a whole group, then as a group you make your final 3 locations.

      Of course this may be very different now. I feel like you can’t really prepare for it except your answers to interview questions which are the standard why do you want to work here etc.

      But what started out as terrifying, actually turned out to be the best interview and actually a really fun day!

      Hope this helped a little! Just be yourself and passionate for this industry! Hope it all goes well! x

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