Olympic Games presenter opportunities

From Jessica Cadwallader:

We’re looking for new presenting talent for the live venues at next year’s Olympic Games. Working with a production team, the presenter’s role will be to entertain and inform the public before, after and during events. They’ll have to vox pop the crowd, interview sportsmen and women and introduce the action. The application closing date is Sunday 4th December.

For the biggest events, we’re obviously planning to work with well-known names, but we’d also like to give young and talented new presenters an opportunity to get involved too. We are inviting budding presenters who think they have the personality to carry out this exciting opportunity to contact us now to find out more information. Screen tests are planned for mid-December so we encourage potential applicants to get in touch as soon as possible.

My contact details are as follows –

Telephone: 030 2012 2121
Email: jessica.cadwallader@london2012.com

Jessica Cadwallader, Presenter Researcher, Sports Presentation